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Thank you for visiting our Editorial and Promotional Services page.  Here you will find guidelines for publishing content on Brilliance Security Magazine.

Why Publish on Brilliance Security Magazine

Founded in 2014, Brilliance Security Magazine is dedicated to the security industry.  We provide original content to cover both physical security and cybersecurity.  We also welcome guest-contributed articles and press releases that are relevant to security professionals working in either domain.

Our online magazine is visited by millions of security professionals each year.  We enjoy tens of thousands of social media followers as well.

Guest-contributed content published on Brilliance Security Magazine is required to use our Article Promotion Service. This service uses the latest in social media targeting and advertising remarketing strategies to push content directly to our readers. This service ensures that promoted content receives the greatest number of views.

Brilliance Security Magazine’s professional writing staff can also write an article for you if you prefer.

Promoted Content

Using creative, targeted, and remarketing advertising and social media strategies, we are able to invite our security professional readers directly to selected content on our site.  We are committed to never charging readers for our content and ask only that you cover our costs associated with creating and promoting content that is important to you or your clients.

Our Promotion Service is an effective way to ensure that our readers see your content!

With our promotion service, you will receive the following:

  1. We provide a high-quality and relevant image to accompany the content.
  2. The promoted content is pinned to a prominent position on our front page for the duration of the promotion period.
  3. We aggressively promote the content on our social channels as well as engage in targeted and remarketing advertising to drive our security professional readers directly to this content.
  4. At the end of the promotion period, you will receive a report to show how well this content performed during the promotion period.

We offer our Promotional Service for $100 per week, and you can choose a one, two, or three-week promotional duration.

Just select the desired duration and click on the BUY NOW button below and PayPal will securely process your payment – we will do the rest!

Duration Options

If you have questions regarding this Editorial and Promotional Service, please feel to reach out to:

Steven Bowcut, Editor-in-Chief