CIS Mobile Launches Mobile Integration Center in Northern Virginia Headquarters

Company Partners with Multiple TechProviders to secure Mobile Devices In and Around Federal Facilities

Ashburn, VA and MWC Los Angeles, CA – 10/26/21 – CIS Mobile, a leading mobile security platform provider, today announced the launch of the CIS Mobile Integration Center (CMIC), a facility designed to integrate, demonstrate, test, and discover solutions to mobile security threats in and around secure government buildings and locations.

“The use of smartphones has largely been banned in government facilities to prevent the exfiltration of sensitive data, but unfortunately, this approach denies users the broad productivity and communication benefits of these devices,” says Bill Anderson, President, CIS Mobile. “Our company is leading a collaborative effort of specialized mobile devices and supporting wireless technologies to enable the secure use of smartphones in and around government facilities. Through our new Integration Center, CIS and our partners will be able to trial and present new technologies and solutions for our government customers.”

Located in CIS Mobile’s headquarters in Ashburn, Virginia, the CMIC leverages the combination of CIS Mobile’s altOS Secure Mobility Platform and technologies from Bastille Networks, Fenix Group, Getac, Glacier Security, Sonim Technologies, and Syniverse Global to showcase a system that enables management, monitoring, and controlled use of authorized mobile devices by staff and visitors in secure government facilities.

One highlight of the center is an innovative solution developed for a major government intelligence customer. The solution combines technologies from CIS Mobile and its partners to enable smartphone use both in and out of sensitive facilities. In practice, altOS phones are placed into a geofenced “Secure Mode” which disables cameras, microphones, cellular, WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities on entry to the facilities. Outside the geofence the phones regain their restricted features.

While only CIS Mobile devices are permitted inside the buildings, Bastille detects and locates any unauthorized wireless devices. Outside their facilities, our customer enjoys global data connectivity with service from our partner Syniverse Global. To ensure those communications are always reliable, private and obfuscated, Glacier Security delivers the highest level of security for all text, voice, and video calls.

Visitors to the CMIC will experience adversarial simulations and real-life case studies to help them recognize the threats and vulnerabilities related to their mobile devices and facilities. Through CIS Mobile’s years of experience in eliminating risks and knowledge of evolving attacks, visitors will gain a complete understanding of those threats and vulnerabilities. From there, they will discover new ways in which the platform can be configured to expel those threats.

About CIS Mobile

CIS Mobile is a subsidiary of CIS Secure, an industry leader and global provider for designing and manufacturing secure communications and computing solutions for Governments and Enterprises. With headquarters in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, the company operates a state-of-the-art 65,000

square foot NSA certified TEMPEST manufacturing and testing facility. CIS Mobile has a mission to address Government needs for a modern, convenient, and secure mobility platform.

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