Securing Digital Spaces: Protect, Comply, and Enhance UX

On Episode S6E3 of the BSM podcast, host Steven Bowcut delves into the dynamic world of digital safety with Gavin Dunaway, Marketing Director at The Media Trust. This engaging conversation unveils how The Media Trust’s cutting-edge platform safeguards the user experiences across websites and mobile apps, enabling clients to both govern and monetize their digital assets effectively.


Gavin explains the collaborative process between The Media Trust and various digital stakeholders—such as publishers, ad-tech platforms, and app developers—to shield consumers from digital threats and inappropriate content. He outlines the common challenges their clients face, such as delivering quality ads and maintaining optimal user experiences, and how The Media Trust’s solutions help navigate these issues.

A significant focus of the discussion is on privacy and compliance. Gavin details how the platform ensures that digital properties not only respect user privacy preferences but also comply with stringent regulations like GDPR and CCPA. He also describes the sophisticated tools and methods used to monitor vendor activity across digital properties, ensuring all interactions are secure and compliant.

Gavin shares insights into how The Media Trust customizes its services for a diverse range of clients, from advertisers to e-commerce platforms, tailoring solutions to meet specific needs and challenges. He highlights the most prevalent digital threats today, like malware and data breaches, and explains how the platform’s real-time detection and mitigation strategies protect users.

Looking to the future, Gavin speculates on emerging technologies and trends that could impact digital security and user experiences, offering valuable advice for listeners involved in digital asset management on how to enhance security, ensure compliance, and improve user experience, drawing from The Media Trust’s approach.

About our Guest

Gavin Dunaway is a seasoned expert in digital media and ad tech. As the Marketing Director at The Media Trust, Gavin champions products and solutions that enhance business outcomes by ensuring consumer well-being—a principle he believes not only protects users but also benefits businesses. His expertise covers malware prevention, creative QA optimization, sensitive and regulated ad content, and privacy compliance. Gavin’s insights are shaped by his former role as Editorial Director at AdMonsters, where he honed his journalism skills. He continues to contribute to the development of digital media and advertising through writing and speaking engagements.

This episode is a must-listen for anyone involved in digital publishing, advertising technology, and online commerce, offering critical insights and actionable strategies for navigating the complexities of digital security and compliance. Tune in to discover how you can make the internet a safer and more profitable space for your digital properties.

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Steven Bowcut is an award-winning journalist covering cyber and physical security. He is an editor and writer for Brilliance Security Magazine as well as other security and non-security online publications. Follow and connect with Steve on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.