IT Teams can now manage, detect, and secure all endpoints with 100% visibility across desktop, laptop, server, and mobile devices ALISO VIEJO, Calif. – May 3, 2022 – Syxsense, a global leader in IT and security management solutions, today announced Syxsense Enterprise™, the world’s first IT management and endpoint security […]

Syxsense Enterprise Unifies Endpoint Security and IT Management for Real-Time ...

By Emily Newton, Editor-in-Chief at Revolutionized Magazine Vehicle fleets are becoming increasingly interconnected. Fleet tracking technologies, predictive maintenance sensors and more have seen surging adoption in the past few years, but they bring new risks with their benefits. Telematics security should be at the top of every fleet manager’s mind. Telematics […]

You Need to Protect Vehicle Data with Better Telematics Security

By David Vincent As a Certified Data Privacy Solution Engineer, I have led hundreds of data privacy risk assessment and remediation services across many industries. Maintaining effective data privacy can be challenging for organizations. According to the 2021 Thomson Reuters Regulatory Intelligence Cost of Compliance annual report, two of the […]

Eight Key Investments for An Effective Data Privacy Risk Program

FORMER DEPUTY UNDERSECRETARY FOR CYBERSECURITY AT DHS ENDORSES ISA’s CYBERSECURITY FOR BUSINESS The Internet Security Alliance is delighted to announce that Mark Weatherford, the CSO of AlertEnterprise, and the former deputy undersecretary for cybersecurity at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, has endorsed ISA’s new book on cyber risk management […]

Mark Weatherford, Endorses ISA’s Cybersecurity for Business

ICYMI, it’s worth mentioning again that Blue Hexagon recently announced the world’s first unified harden and defend multi-cloud security platform that combines two cloud security pillars—harden and defend—into a single platform. The leading agentless cloud-native AI platform provider designed this new solution to reduce DevSecOps friction, catch threats and misconfigurations […]

World’s First Unified Harden and Defend Platform for Multi-Cloud Security

By Mathew Scott, VP at J.S. Held Introduction In a world that revolves around the collection and use of various forms of data, the continuously ensured privacy of data being collected and stored is a major factor in cybersecurity hygiene, i.e. habitual practices for ensuring the safe handling of critical […]

Data Privacy

New research from Adaptiva and Cybersecurity Insiders reveals a stark cybersecurity reality – security threats are increasing rapidly while confidence in protection measures is decreasing rapidly. KIRKLAND, Wash., April 13, 2022 – Adaptiva, in partnership with Cybersecurity Insiders, today released The 2022 Endpoint Security Report that reveals 85% of organizations expect a compromising security […]

85% of Organizations Expect a Compromising Attack in the Next ...

Announces plans to increase monitoring staff, open new Safety Operations Centre in France Calgary, AB and Houston, TX – April 14, 2022 – In response to growing demand for employee protection and a one-stop solution to keep workers safe on the job, Blackline Safety Corp. (TSX: BLN), a global leader in connected safety […]

Blackline Expands Safety Monitoring Service to Meet Growing Demand for ...

By Zachary Amos, Features Editor at ReHack Modern companies are operating in a high-risk business environment. The world is becoming increasingly digital, meaning cybersecurity attacks are becoming more frequent. Additionally, physical security systems managed by IT professionals are undergoing a digital transformation. Essentially, as cyber and physical assets grow, the attack […]

Cyber & Physical Security Convergence: Why It’s Essential

By Alan Cunningham Viewing Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources (CIKR) as systems as a network is quite beneficial to the study of national and human security initiatives, especially when viewing complex CIKR systems, as the entire chapter of our text details.  Ted Lewis’ book Critical Infrastructure Protection in Homeland Security: Defending […]

Complex Systems and Natural Disasters: Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources ...

By Lisa Pellegrene National Red Alert, Inc. based in Titusville, Florida, provides a rapid response notification system, utilizing patented EDIS (Event-Driven Information System)based technology.  The company is seeking up to $5,000,000 from accredited investors under its Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) Reg D 506c offering. The technology provides a transparent […]

National Red Alert, Inc. Provides Unique Patented EDIS Personal Security ...

The topic for Episode S4E6 is supply chain security and what to expect in the next year. Our guest is Farshad Abasi, Founder and Chief Security Officer of Forward Security. In a fun and interesting conversation, Farshad and Steve Bowcut cover: What supply chain attacks are and how they happen, […]

Supply Chain Security: What to Expect in the Next Year