CTM360 Announces Its Debut in North America at the RSA Conference in 2023

CTM360 is gearing up to make its highly-anticipated debut in North America at the prestigious RSA Conference 2023. This much-awaited event will offer security professionals the opportunity to look closely at CTM360’s SaaS platform, which boasts numerous accolades for its unrivaled External Attack Surface Management, Digital Risk Protection, and Cyber Threat Intelligence capabilities.¬†

This is the only fully consolidated platform that offers a comprehensive view of an organization’s external security posture. The platform integrates multiple security technologies to provide a single pane of glass for managing external risk.

External Attack Surface Management (EASM) is a critical security practice that helps organizations identify and manage risks associated with Internet-facing assets and systems. By continuously discovering, identifying, inventorying, and assessing the exposures of an organization’s attack surface, EASM provides a comprehensive view of all external assets and potential threats. This approach helps cloud security teams see unknown and unmanaged resources outside the firewall, allowing them to protect their networks from malicious attacks better.

CTM360’s Digital Risk Protection Platform is a comprehensive solution for protecting businesses from cyber threats. It provides a unified platform across digital risk protection, external attack surface management, and surface, deep, and dark web threat intelligence. This platform offers a range of features to help protect organizations from ever-evolving cyber threats.

CTM360’s Digital Risk Protection Platform offers external attack surface management, which helps identify potential vulnerabilities in an organization’s systems and networks. The platform provides threat intelligence to help organizations stay ahead of the latest cyber threats. The platform includes risk security and monitoring, risk scorecard, cyber threat intelligence, online data leakage protection, and more.

CTM360’s Digital Risk Protection Platform is designed to be easy to use and gives users real-time insights into their security posture. It also offers automated remediation capabilities to help organizations quickly address identified vulnerabilities or threats. Additionally, the platform provides detailed reporting capabilities so that users can track their progress over time and make informed decisions about their security strategy.

Overall, CTM360’s Digital Risk Protection Platform is an effective solution for protecting businesses from cyber threats. Its comprehensive features and automated remediation capabilities can help organizations stay ahead of the latest cyber threats while providing them with real-time insights into their security posture.

CTM360 has been among the few companies that created an integrated approach to converge External Attack Surface, Digital Risk Protection, and Cyber Threat Intelligence. Collectively these practices are termed External Risk Mitigation and Management (ERMM). The company was acknowledged by Frost & Sullivan with the Enabling Technology Leadership Award in the Digital Risk Protection (DRP) industry. It was commended for excellence in commercialization success, application diversity, commitment to creativity, and customer service experience.

At the RSA Conference 2023, CTM360 will demonstrate how organizations can benefit from its integrated approach to ERMM. It will showcase how its platform enables organizations to identify digital threats before they become a reality and take proactive measures to protect their digital assets from malicious actors. The company will also highlight how its platform helps organizations reduce false positives while providing real-time actionable intelligence on external threats.

“CTM360 will be an active participant at the conference and will showcase our SaaS platform for External Attack Surface Management, Digital Risk Protection, and Cyber Threat Intelligence,” said CTM360’s CEO, Mirza Asrar Baig. “The CTM360 platform is offered as a consolidated Digital Risk Protection stack, where all technologies are fully integrated.”

CTM360’s presence at RSA Conference 2023 marks an important milestone in its journey towards becoming one of the leading providers of ERMM solutions globally. With this conference, it aims to reach out to more organizations across North America and help them secure their digital assets from external threats.

The company has issued an exciting challenge to prove the effectiveness of its cutting-edge EASM, DRP, and Takedown capabilities. They are so confident in their technology that they offer a free dinner to those who remain unconvinced after witnessing their platform demonstration.

Visit CTM360 at Booth #6285 in the North Expo Hall and experience a live demonstration of their state-of-the-art technology. Witness how their external attack surface and digital risk protection data points can be explicitly mapped to your organization, providing unparalleled cybersecurity measures. You will be amazed at how advanced their technology is and the protection it can offer your business.

Take advantage of this remarkable opportunity to learn more about CTM360 and its innovative solutions that can revolutionize your company’s cybersecurity measures. Join them at RSA Conference 2023 for an interactive and informative experience that will impress you.

About CTM360

CTM360 is a unified external security platform that integrates External Attack Surface Management, Digital Risk Protection, Cyber Threat Intelligence, Brand Protection & Anti-phishing, Surface, Deep & Dark Web Monitoring, Security Ratings, Third Party Risk Management, and Unlimited Takedowns. Seamless and turn-key, CTM360 requires no configurations, installations, or inputs from the end user, with all data pre-populated and specific to your organization. CTM360 manages all aspects.