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Adversarial emulation (AE) mimics an attacker’s behavior to identify and measure the effectiveness of security controls. It can help reduce detection and response rates, validate controls, and optimize resources by allowing teams to prioritize vulnerabilities and concentrate on the highest risk issues to the business. This article will explore how […]

Automated Adversarial Emulation Helps Security Teams Reduce Detection and Response ...

In Episode S4E14, Steve Bowcut talks about Zero Trust Network Access with two well-informed guests. On the show are two executives from the cybersecurity firm Syxsense, Mark Reed, CTO, and Dave Taylor, CMO.  The term Zero Trust is sometimes misapplied or misunderstood in the security industry, so our guests thoroughly […]

Zero Trust Network Access

Observers of cybersecurity innovation, specifically within Microsoft’s ecosystem, have probably already heard that Tanium, a provider of converged endpoint management (XEM), recently announced the first of several powerful integrations between Microsoft and their Tanium XEM platform. This new integration and the promise of future ones mark the latest expansion in […]

How To Get Rich, Real-time Endpoint Data Directly From the ...

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers startup accelerator programs that provide resources and mentorship to help new businesses grow. These programs are a great way to help startups succeed. AWS is committed to helping companies grow and succeed, and these accelerator programs are a great way to do that. AWS is […]

Impressive Cohort of Companies Selected To Participate in AWS Accelerator

The technology skills shortage in the US is a significant problem for tech firms, software development companies, cybersecurity businesses, and the economy as a whole. With such needs, these organizations struggle to find employees with the necessary knowledge to fill open positions. This shortfall is causing companies to lose out […]

New Intensive Bootcamps in Technology and Cybersecurity to Upskill Workers ...

Brazilian-based senhasegura has officially launched its North American operations with new San Francisco and New York offices. Industry pundits widely acknowledge the Company’s Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution for its technological superiority, and users laud it for its intuitive, easy-to-use configuration and low cost of ownership. With its growth into […]

senhasegura Opens North American Operations in San Francisco and New ...

In a recent announcement, Quarkslab, a French deep tech cybersecurity company specializing in software protection technologies, revealed that security researchers Damiano Melotti and Maxime Rossi Bellom would lead a briefing on vulnerability research at BlackHat 2022 in Las Vegas.  Quarkslab urges those interested in modern security chips to attend the […]

Quarkslab Discusses New Vulnerability Research on a Modern Security Chip ...

William Shakespeare eloquently asked in Romeo and Juliet: “What’s in a name? that which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet.” In today’s industry news post, we ask and answer this question relating to a well-known and highly respected cybersecurity risk management provider that has […]

What’s in a Name? MRK Technologies Rebrands to Become Inversion6