Historic First: Arab Cybersecurity Company Captures Frost & Sullivan Leadership Award

In a first for the Arab world, Frost & Sullivan awarded cybersecurity company CTM360 the 2022 Global Digital Risk Protection Enabling Technology Leadership Award. CTM360 was given this award because of its success in commercialization, commitment to creativity, customer service experience, and ability to be used in different ways. This award is a testament to the company’s commitment to excellence and dedication to helping its clients stay one step ahead of cybercriminals. Congratulations to CTM360 on this historic achievement!

Frost & Sullivan

Frost & Sullivan is a prestigious business research and consulting firm founded in 1961. The company is well-known for helping investors, corporate leaders, and governments understand how the economy is changing and identify new technologies, business models, and companies. This helps them find opportunities for growth so they can be successful in the future. With this recognition, CTM360 can have its technology recognized globally and gain further customer and competitor respect. 

Each year, Frost & Sullivan awards a company that has developed a ground-breaking technology. This technology improves current products and allows for the development of new products. The award recognizes how well the recipient’s technology will be accepted in the market.

The awards process

Frost & Sullivan have conducted extensive industry research and analysis to identify the leading companies in the Digital Risk Protection (DRP) field. As part of this research, they also evaluated those firms that have combined comprehensive Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI), Digital Risk Protection (DRP), as well as External Attack Surface Management (EASM) capabilities into one centralized External Risk Mitigation and Management (ERMM) system. Bahrain-based CTM360 stands out as one of these firms that have developed this integrated approach to merging all three technologies, which is now referred to as ERMM.

The technology leadership is shown in the DRP stack framework by CTM360. This has several use cases, including external attack surface management, security ratings, third-party risk management, surface, deep, and dark web monitoring, cyber threat intelligence, brand protection and anti-phishing, online anti-fraud, data leakage protection, social media fraud monitoring, and cloud threat hunting. And there are unlimited takedowns and investigations on a fixed fee basis.

Overall, this impressive combination of features makes CTM360 a prime choice for those looking for reliable solutions to handle external risks while maintaining maximum security. With its cutting-edge technology and progressive approach toward digital safety, CTM360 has established itself as a prominent figure in the digital risk protection landscape.

Response from CTM360

Regarding the Frost and Sullivan Award, CTM360’s CEO, Mirza Asrar Baig, stated, “We are proud that Frost & Sullivan has recognized our commitment to a consolidated DRP strategy. With this award, we become the first-ever cybersecurity technology in the Arab world to be recognized at a global-level.” He added, “The award reflects my team’s efforts and belief in building world class technology with a focus on high data quality and relevance. Making this global mark is a testament to their remarkable design thinking, dedication, and agility.”

Baig attributed Bahrain’s Economic Vision 2030 as the critical factor driving entrepreneurs and innovators in the region. With its focus on innovation, this vision sets a clear direction for aspiring entrepreneurs seeking success and opportunities in the country. The government has heavily invested in cybersecurity and digital infrastructure, making Bahrain an attractive destination for those looking to start their businesses. 

The vibrant digital ecosystem and secure environment provided by the government allow entrepreneurs to flourish in terms of ideas, capital, and networks. Furthermore, with ongoing support from authorities, institutions, and private companies alike, Bahrain is leading the way in terms of offering a conducive environment for innovation-driven businesses.

What this means for the future of cybersecurity

This highly esteemed award symbolizes the incredible advancements CTM360 has made in digital risk protection. The company continues to propel the field of cybersecurity forward with its cutting-edge tools and platforms, allowing it to stay one step ahead of malicious hackers. Through diligent research and creative engineering, CTM360 has set a new standard for digital risk protection worldwide, which will continue to fuel future growth in this vital industry. This award acknowledges that CTM360’s innovative technologies will securely shape the future of cybersecurity.

Frost & Sullivan is a well-respected research and consulting firm, and their awards are highly coveted in many industries. The fact that CTM360 has won its Global Digital Risk Protection Enabling Technology Leadership Award is a huge accomplishment and a testament to the innovative work that the company is doing in the cybersecurity space.

This award is a recognition of the progress that CTM360 has made in developing cutting-edge risk management solutions, and it’s also a vote of confidence in the company’s prospects. With the increasing importance of cybersecurity in today’s world, CTM360 is poised to become a leader in this growing industry. 

About CTM360

CTM360 is a unified external security platform that integrates External Attack Surface Management, Digital Risk Protection, Cyber Threat Intelligence, Brand Protection & Anti-phishing, Surface, Deep & Dark Web Monitoring, Security Ratings, Third Party Risk Management, and Unlimited Takedowns. Seamless and turn-key, CTM360 requires no configurations, installations, or inputs from the end user, with all data pre-populated and specific to your organization. CTM360 manages all aspects.

Steven Bowcut is an award-winning journalist covering cyber and physical security. He is an editor and writer for Brilliance Security Magazine as well as other security and non-security online publications. Follow and connect with Steve on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.