How Predictive Security is Redefining Cybersecurity

In the thought-provoking Episode S5E17 of the BSM podcast, host Steven Bowcut welcomes a special guest, Luigi Lenguito, the co-founder and CEO of BforeAI, to delve into the transformative world of Predictive Security. Moving beyond the conventional frameworks of cybersecurity, which typically emphasize a reactive approach, Luigi brings to light an intriguing narrative centered around predictive cybersecurity.


Throughout the discussion, Luigi highlights the pivotal role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning in orchestrating predictive security measures. He illuminates the conversation by pinpointing the significant benefits this forward-thinking approach offers, such as preemptively identifying potential threats, optimizing response times, and significantly mitigating risks before they materialize.

However, the efficacy of predictive security is not without its prerequisites. Luigi underscores the critical nature of data—both in terms of quality and quantity—in making precise predictions. He provides insights into the rigorous processes involved in maintaining data integrity and the vast volumes required to train robust, reliable predictive systems.

Listeners will be treated to real-world applications as Luigi walks through several compelling case studies that demonstrate the remarkable success and potential of predictive security in action. The conversation doesn’t just stop at present achievements; it propels forward, with Luigi sharing his visionary perspectives on the future landscapes of cybersecurity.

Moreover, in his quest to make this technology accessible and understandable, Luigi imparts some practical, actionable advice for both individuals and organizations. These insights emphasize not only the importance of embracing this innovative approach but also guidance on how to navigate the complexities it might present.

This episode is a must-listen for cybersecurity professionals, tech enthusiasts, and anyone keen on understanding how technological advancements like AI are relentlessly reshaping the way we protect digital landscapes. Click the link below to listen to the full podcast, and join us in exploring the exciting realm of predictive security with Luigi Lenguito!

About our Guest

Luigi Lenguito is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of BforeAI, driving the company’s vision and strategy. In 2008, Luigi recognized the need for a shift in the cybersecurity paradigm—from a reactive to a proactive approach. Under his leadership, BforeAI is pioneering predictive security solutions and offering tools like PreCrime. From childhood, Luigi had a passion for technology. Over his 30-year career, he gained a range of experience and skills from IT operations to cybersecurity before launching several entrepreneurial ventures. Today, he is committed to advancing innovations in predictive security and ensuring organizations stay one step ahead of cyber threats. Luigi is a dedicated supporter of digital education initiatives fostering the next generation of tech talent. Originally from Naples, Italy, Luigi remains an active participant in cybersecurity seminars and is a recognized thought leader in predictive security.

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