How to Move Cybersecurity From a Cost Center to a Revenue Enabler

In Episode S4E12, our guest is Jim Nitterauer, Director of Information Security at Graylog. In a fun and informative conversation, BSM’s Steve Bowcut and Jim discuss how organizations can move cybersecurity from a cost center to a revenue enabler. 

Steve asks Jim to:

  • Discuss some of the costs organizations face trying to protect their systems, infrastructure, and data.
  • Explain why security isn’t typically viewed as a revenue enabler like other software costs often are.
  • Tell us why and how security can increase revenue.
  • Talk specifically about the costs that log management can reduce or eliminate.

About our Guest

Jim Nitterauer and his teams are responsible for IT Services, Security, and Compliance across the Graylog organization. He holds CISSP and CISM certifications in addition to a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in biology from Ursinus College and a Master of Science degree with a major in microbiology from the University of Alabama. He is well-versed in ethical hacking and penetration testing techniques and has been involved in technology for more than 25 years.



Listen to this week’s episode to learn more about how security can enable revenue.

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