Unraveling Cryptocurrency Security

In Episode S5E16 of the BSM podcast, Steven Bowcut delves deep into the cybersecurity landscape of cryptocurrencies with Dr. Aleksandr Zhuk, the CISO of sFOX


Dr. Zhuk’s insights shed light on the unique challenges and threats that digital currency platforms face, which are distinct from traditional digital technologies.

One of the key topics discussed is the common belief in the infallibility of blockchain technology due to its decentralized nature and cryptographic backbone. Dr. Zhuk decodes this perception, highlighting where its strengths lie and pinpointing typical areas of vulnerability.

For those in the DeFi community, this episode is especially enlightening, as Dr. Zhuk underscores emerging threats and potential attack vectors that often go unnoticed. The discussion culminates in his expert recommendations on precautions that DeFi platforms should adopt to enhance their security posture.

Curious about the intricacies of cryptocurrency security? Dive into the full conversation and arm yourself with knowledge. 


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About our Guest

Dr. Aleksandr Zhuk is the Chief Information Security Officer at sFOX. He is also a founding faculty member, Adjunct Professor of Yeshiva University’s Cybersecurity Program, and a contributor to FINTECH.TV. Before joining sFOX, Dr. Zhuk was an Information Security Architect at Axoni. In addition to his Ph.D., he holds a Master’s Degree in Engineering from George Washington University.

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