In a message to business owners on the platform today, Twitter reported a data breach while using its advertisement and analytics platform. In an email to its clients, Twitter said it was “possible” others could have accessed personal information, including email addresses, phone numbers and the last four digits of […]

Twitter Reports a Possible Data Breach

Semperis, a company that is well known and respected for its identity-driven cyber resilience solutions, announced today that it added new vulnerability assessment, security reporting, and auto-remediation capabilities in the latest version of their Directory Services Protector (DSP) Active Directory threat detection and response platform. Ahead of this announcement, Brilliance Security Magazine […]

New Features Now Available for the Industry’s Top AD Threat ...

By Mr. Shomiron Dasgupta, Founder & CEO, DNIF NextGen Siem Platform The COVID-19 crisis has affected more than 1.9 million people around the world and over 126,000 have lost their lives from the illness, according to the latest data from Johns Hopkins University. It has also brought numerous businesses to […]

The COVID-19 Impact: Why Community Banks must Upgrade their Cybersecurity

By Devin Partida, Editor-in-Chief, It’s hard to believe 2020 is already half over. The attention placed on COVID-19 and how it drastically affected people’s daily lives means this year is an unusual one where time does not seem to pass at a normal pace.  The coronavirus pandemic also impacted […]

5 Cybersecurity Statistics You Must Know for H2 2020

Researchers from Cybereason built a “honeypot” designed to look like an electricity company with operations across Europe and North America. The honeypot network was designed to analyze the tactics, techniques, and procedures used by state-sponsored groups and cybercrime actors targeting critical infrastructure providers. The research identified multiple attackers executing ransomware […]

Honeypot Identified Multistage Ransomware Attacks

In a Public Service Announcement (PSA) issued today, The FBI warned that the increased use of mobile banking apps could lead to more user exploitation. The PSA states, “As the public increases its use of mobile banking apps, partially due to increased time at home, the FBI anticipates cyber actors […]

FBI Warns of Increased Mobile Banking App Exploitation

By Gary Lara, Marketing Assistant at Charter Global The spectrum of security for financial institutions has changed over the years given the significant shifts in technology and information technology. With more devices such as smartphones and laptops becoming the norm of modern-day life, this inevitably influences the way users interact […]

Emergency Physical Security for Financial Institutions

Even while being bombarded from all sides for months with urgent news about COVID-19 and now with non-stop reports of civil unrest, it is wise to remember that we are under attack from other quarters as well. Our nation’s adversaries are always looking for opportunities to exploit perceived vulnerabilities. China’s […]

China’s People’s Liberation Army Continues to Abuse U.S. Intellectual Freedom

Telefónica is first to deploy voice biometrics to ensure those most impacted by COVID-19 get priority service in an easy, secure way Nuance® Communications, Inc. recently announced enhancements to its AI-enabled intelligent detection capabilities in Nuance Gatekeeper, the world’s most advanced biometrics solution for authenticating customers and enabling fraud detection. […]

Prioritize and Protect Seniors Using the Sound of Their Voice

Do you like to keep tabs on the cybersecurity threatscape? Then read this report. You will gain valuable insights into the current state of the never-ending war being fought on the front lines of cyberspace. The Crypsis 2020 Incident Response & Data Breach Report covers ransomware, business email compromise, and […]

New Incident Response and Data Breach Report Available

By Taylor Thomas, Marketing Specialist at Waveband Communications and First Source Wireless FirstNet, First Responders Network Authority, was established in 2012 by Congress to build and deploy a nationwide broadband network. The creation of this network is solely dedicated to first responders. FirstNet networks give first responders fast, reliable, and […]

What FirstNet means for the future of Land Mobile Radios