By Devin Partida, Editor-in-Chief, There are plenty of fish in the sea, but some of them are hardly worth catching. Why are some employees bombarded with phishing emails while others seem to escape the issue altogether? Here is what hackers look for in a target.  High-Ranking Executives Perhaps unsurprisingly, hackers […]

Which Employees Are Most at Risk of Phishing Attacks?

By Matthew Lewis, Director of Product Marketing with HID When it comes to cyberattacks, services provided by financial institutions are among the most frequently targeted, and though it might come as no surprise, money is a key motivator. In fact, a massive 92 percent of all attacks are estimated to […]

Tackling the Challenges of Mobile Banking

By Eduardo Azanza, Co-Founder & CEO at Veridas The physical and digital worlds are synergizing more than ever before. This convergence of technology and reality – the ‘phygital’ world – is becoming a transformative phenomenon. Gone are the days when identity verification was akin to scaling a mountain, with countless […]

The Phygital Identity: Embracing Biometrics for a Secure Future

By Ryan Estes, Intrusion Analyst, WatchGuard Technologies Ransomware is a rapidly accelerating problem for organizations around the globe, with schools, hospitals, small businesses, and local governments all in the crosshairs. Last year’s ransomware attack on the Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) in Canada showed that any organization can be a […]

3 Emerging Ransomware Trends That Security Teams Must Heed

By Bryan Grenon, Director of Critical Infrastructure for ADT Commercial’s Enterprise Security Risk Group With June designated National Safety Month by America’s National Safety Council, there’s an increased focus on eliminating the leading causes of preventable injuries and deaths at home and in the workplace. Violent incidents on the job […]

Advances in Security Technologies Can Boost Workplace Safety

In Episode S5E11, host Steve Bowcut invites Daniel Barber, Co-founder at DataGrail, for a deep dive into the importance of data privacy and transparency in the digital age. Drawing from his wealth of experience, Daniel explores the critical role of respecting people’s data in fostering enduring customer relationships and maintaining […]

Respecting People’s Data: Building Trust Through Data Transparency

By Prasanna Peshkar In the age of digital operations, data is the heart of any business venture. Thus, shielding it from any harm is a critical necessity. Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and Data Leak Prevention (DLeakP) are two widely employed protective measures. Despite the frequent confusion between these terms, they […]

Data Loss Prevention vs. Data Leak Prevention: What You Need ...

By Zachary Amos, Features Editor at ReHack Every day, a small business is attacked with ransomware, or a Fortune 500 employee is a victim of phishing. There doesn’t appear to be an end to the cyber threat onslaught, and building defenses includes incorporating new technologies and strategies alongside removing outdated practices. […]

6 Outdated Cybersecurity Practices to Avoid

By Devin Partida, Editor-in-Chief, Every reputable small business knows insurance is a necessity. However, some may forego cyber insurance, thinking it isn’t a big deal. With how often cyber attacks happen, any company that stores information should get some form of protection. Small businesses can significantly benefit from this type […]

Cyber Insurance Is a Necessary Expense for Small Businesses

By Emily Newton, Editor-in-Chief at Revolutionized Magazine The need for thorough cybersecurity has never been more prominent. Thankfully, many businesses have recognized this need and are adopting new cybersecurity controls in response to rising digital threats. However, many also overlook physical security in that shift. Cybercrime is fast growing in the […]

4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Let Physical Security Be Your ...

Welcome to Episode S5E10 of the Brilliance Security Magazine Podcast! In this episode, our host Steve Bowcut takes a deep dive into the intricate world of identity security with none other than Alex Bovee, CEO and Co-Founder at ConductorOne. From theory to practice, Bovee shares his profound insights on how […]

Identity Security

By Zachary Amos, Features Editor at ReHack Is cybersecurity stressful? Many workers in this industry are dealing with understandably high anxiety. They face the reality that a cyber attack can occur at any moment and it’s unrealistic to think they can stop each one. Unfortunately, sooner or later, a successful attack […]

The Toll of Cybersecurity on Mental Health