LogRhythm’s Global Study Reveals Security Teams’ Stress Levels Surge Due to Lack of Proper Tools and Executive Support, Impeding Ability to Tackle Threats Much can be learned from the many industry reports produced each year. They illuminate the various aspects of security including the challenges we face and the tools […]

93% of Security Professionals Lack the Necessary Tools to Detect ...

By Saloni Walimbe, Content Writer at Global Market Insights, Inc. These days, organizations, regardless of their size or magnitude, are susceptible to a host of critical cyberattacks from various sources. Hacktivists, accidental or malicious insider threats, organized crime, nation-states, and many other such sources pose a significant risk to organizations […]

Endpoint Security Solutions and Their Contribution Towards Cybersecurity Amid an ...

DigiCert ONEⓇ support for strong authentication in dynamic environments, scalability and operational integrity enables organizations to migrate network operations to 5G and cloud with confidence LEHI, Utah – July 27, 2020 – DigiCert, Inc., the world’s leading provider of TLS/SSL, IoT and other PKI solutions, has announced a robust set of […]

DigiCert Helps Drive 5G Network Transformation with New IoT Device ...

By Kirsty Fisher, Chief Financial Officer at Titania In 2019, Microsoft made waves at its annual Black Hat conference in Las Vegas, where it confirmed its discovery of a malicious hacker group which was using common Internet of Things (IoT) devices to carry out widespread corporate attacks. The way in? Internet connected devices including […]

Compliance in a Connected World

By Reggie Best, President & Chief Product Officer, FireMon Lumeta We have seen significant growth in IoT infrastructure in the past decade, especially this past year. By 2025, International Data Corporation predicts there will be 41.6 billion connected IoT devices, or “things,” generating 79.4 zettabytes of data. While the advancement […]

Reduce Your IoT Attack Surface and Protect Your Infrastructure from ...

An illuminating new report from email security firm Tessian reveals that 43% of US and UK employees have made mistakes resulting in cybersecurity repercussions for themselves or their company. Human error is a leading cause of data breaches today. The Psychology of Human Error report examines why people make mistakes and how […]

New Report: Nearly Half of Employees Make Mistakes with Cybersecurity ...

By Julian Attlee of Field Effect Software For too long, SMEs have been at the mercy of sizeable cybersecurity vendors who grew up in the enterprise space. And I speak from experience. You’ve heard the standard cybersecurity sales pitch a thousand times before — probably even fallen victim to it […]

How Cybersecurity Broke the Buyer

In Episode S2E1 – IoT Revolution Leads to Increased Risk of Cyberattacks – we talk with Hardik Modi, Assistant Vice President of Engineering, Threat and Mitigation Products for NETSCOUT. Hardik takes us on a fascinating journey to examine some threats associated with the IoT Revolution, especially as it relates to […]

Podcast: IoT Revolution Leads to Increased Risk of Cyberattacks

By Elmar Geese, COO, Greenbone Networks At the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, employees switched to working from home practically overnight. No-one was truly prepared for this sudden change in circumstances, and the quick turnaround meant that there was very little time – and often precious few resources – to […]

How to Create a Secure Home Office

By Mike Khorev Web scraping is the process of extracting data or content from a website. When we right-click on an image of a website and save it, we are technically performing a web scraping, but scraping can also be performed with programs or bots. These automated tools can extract […]

How to Implement Web Scraping Protection to Secure Your Website

“LiveAuctioneers, the online website which broadcasts live auctions selling antiques, art, and collectibles, has warned that user details have fallen into unauthorized hands following a security breach,” reported by Graham Cluley last week. A notification on LiveAuctioneers website states, “As of July 11th, 2020, our cybersecurity team has confirmed that […]

Online Auctions Site “Completely Failed Its Customers”

CAMPBELL, CA – July 8, 2020 – Bitglass, the Total Cloud Security company, has released its 2020 BYOD Report, which analyzes enterprise use of bring your own device (BYOD) as well as the state of personal device security within organizations. Bitglass partnered with a leading cybersecurity community and surveyed IT professionals […]

Increased Remote Work Drives BYOD, but Security is Not Keeping ...