For most users – business or personal – price should not be the sole determining factor when it comes to choosing a backup storage provider.  You are backing up your data for a reason. Your data is important to you. That being said, there are few things as satisfying as […]

Backing up Your Data Is Critical for Security but How ...

On September 18, 2019, Trend Micro reported that they discovered a series of incidents where the credit card skimming attack Magecart was used to hit the booking websites of chain-brand hotels.  In their renowned Security Intelligence Blog they stated, “In early September, we found two hotel websites (from different hotel […]

Magecart Skimming Attack Targets Hotel Booking Websites

Having an employee download malware from a seemingly reputable website or fall prey to a well-crafted phishing campaign are pervasive threats for today’s employers.  More and more often it appears that the technical ability of the bad actor is keeping pace, or even outpacing, our ability to stand up effective […]

How to Safely Browse the Internet Without Worrying About Downloading ...

At the recent GSX Conference in Chicago, we ran across a very interesting security solution that nearly all of us have used dozens, if not hundreds, of times but may not even be able to name the manufacturer.  One of the most maligned and complained about security products ever, but […]

ScanVan: Random and Portable Screening Capabilities

Free webinar on campus reporting procedures being offered on September 19 Montreal, September 4, 2019 – Montreal-based TrackTik, the leading workforce management solution for physical security, is pleased to announce its sponsorship of Clery Center’s National Campus Safety Awareness Month (NCSAM) 2019.  NCSAM originated in 2008 following unanimous congressional support for increased […]

Security Technology Leader TrackTik Announces Partnership with Clery Center to ...

New York, New York—​Vaion, just a few months out of stealth mode, today announces its launch into the North American market with comprehensive demonstrations at​ ​GSX 2019​. Vaion will exhibit in booth #1819 with a rapidly expanding commercial team ready to provide custom demos. Visitors will examine real-world scenarios which […]

Vaion is Gaining Momentum – See Why at GSX 2019

By Mr. Shomiron Dasgupta, CEO and Founder, DNIF Cyber threats have been prevalent on the internet for decades now. Unfortunately, malware has been evolving more rapidly than the anti-malware software needed to combat it. The three most active cyber threat categories worldwide are currently ransomware, phishing, and endpoint attacks. Ransomware […]

Top 3 Cyber Threats and their analysis

by: Moshe Elias, Director of Product Marketing, Allot IoT connectivity is the new way of life. From smart printers and televisions to lamps and baby monitors, the use of IoT devices continues to trend up each year. However, the popularity of these devices is no indicator of their safety. In […]

The Commonality of the Brute Force IoT Attack

By Scott Lindley, General Manager, Farpointe Data The ability to use mobile phones as access credentials is one of the biggest trends in a market that historically has been slow in adopting new technology. As a matter of fact, research analyst Gartner has predicted that, by 2020, one in five […]

Why Mobile Access Is More Secure than Card Systems

Arkose Labs analyzed over 1.2 billion transactions across the financial services, e-commerce, travel, social media, gaming and entertainment industries, highlighting key trends Social media sites have become lucrative targets for criminals looking for quick monetization. To gain some additional insights into this phenomenon, we spoke with Vanita Pandey, VP Strategy […]

More Than Half of Logins on Social Media Platforms are ...

One of the scariest things about online scams is their impact on enormous segments of the population. The victims often deal with reputational damage and expenses associated with recovering from the attack and improving their current computer security practices to reduce the chances of something happening again. Anyone needing a […]

Cofense Labs Uncovers Large Scam Targeting Millions

Recently the well-known provider of service assurance, cybersecurity, and business intelligence solutions, NETSCOUT Systems Inc, released its semi-annual Threat Intelligence Report highlighting cybercrime as a mainstream business model. The report also examines the maturation of Nation-State sponsored Advanced Persistent Threat (ATP) groups and new findings on IoT vulnerabilities. With a […]

New Report Highlights Cybercrime Innovation