HYAS Infosec

The financial services industry is, as Fraud Watch confirms*, always a particularly tempting target for phishing attacks.  New insight has come to light on how HYAS Insight, an advanced threat intelligence and investigation platform, used WHOIS information and passive DNS data against AS200593, a Russian-based threat system tied to malicious […]

Thwarting a Russian-Based Cyberattack on a Global Bank

Contributors to and framers of the European Union’s AI Act are tapping into research from HYAS Labs, the research arm of HYAS Infosec, creators of the first publicly announced “white hat” sample of AI-generated malware, BlackMamba, and its more sophisticated and fully autonomous cousin, EyeSpy. The move is understood to […]

HYAS AI-Generated Malware Research Contributes to EU’s AI Act

First, Polymorphic, Intelligent, Fully Autonomous AI Malware is the Shape of Future Threats Adversarial infrastructure detectors and thwarters at HYAS Infosec have produced a prototype of future AI-enabled threats. Its EyeSpy proof-of-concept (PoC) is an entirely new type of polymorphic, fully autonomous malware that employs AI to make informed decisions and synthesize its capabilities […]

HYAS Foresees Future Havoc to Help Thwart It With “EyeSpy” ...