In Episode S6E4, Steven Bowcut sits down with Edward Wu, the visionary Founder and CEO of Dropzone AI, to explore how artificial intelligence is transforming the cybersecurity landscape. Summary Edward shares the journey of building Dropzone AI, the first AI SOC analyst that operates autonomously 24/7, integrating seamlessly with existing […]

Revolutionizing Cybersecurity with AI Augmentation

By Emily Newton, Editor-in-Chief at Revolutionized Magazine AI phishing emails are more realistic, personalized and varied than conventional spam content. Hackers are leveraging generative AI to create huge volumes of next-gen phishing emails. Are these messages harder to identify? What are the risks and red flags of AI-generated phishing content? Heightened […]

Will Phishing Emails Be Harder to Spot in the Age ...

By Devin Partida, Editor-in-Chief, Generative AI allows convenient and conversational banking by giving users access to various products and services. It uses machine learning to understand queries and execute commands using natural human language. Banks use this technology to offer new and advanced services to their customers on a wide […]

Is Generative AI Secure Enough for Banking?

By Emily Newton, Editor-in-Chief at Revolutionized Magazine Generative AI can save hours of labor in offices and create award-winning art. However, every new technology needs the cybersecurity treatment, and it is time to tackle ChatGPT security risks with a proactive mindset. Hackers are taking advantage of the novelty and naivete of […]

Concerned About ChatGPT’s Security Risk? Find Out How to Enhance ...

Teams can interact with the platform using natural language queries for task generation and intelligent script handling to dramatically speed development and execution of a variety of endpoint management and security workflow automations.  NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. – August 9, 2023 – Syxsense, a global leader in Unified Security and Endpoint Management (USEM) solutions, today announced Cortex Copilot, a […]

Syxsense Announces AI-Powered Cortex Copilot Bringing Natural Language Processing to Endpoint Management and Security Automation

First, Polymorphic, Intelligent, Fully Autonomous AI Malware is the Shape of Future Threats Adversarial infrastructure detectors and thwarters at HYAS Infosec have produced a prototype of future AI-enabled threats. Its EyeSpy proof-of-concept (PoC) is an entirely new type of polymorphic, fully autonomous malware that employs AI to make informed decisions and synthesize its capabilities […]

HYAS Foresees Future Havoc to Help Thwart It With “EyeSpy” ...

Advanced API Security Solution Pioneers an Adaptive Approach to Combat Digital Fraud and API Abuse Traceable AI, the industry’s leading API security company, today announced the launch of its digital fraud prevention capabilities, to deliver protection against fraudulent activities across APIs and digital interfaces. This innovation is crucial, especially in […]

Traceable AI Introduces Revolutionary Digital Fraud Prevention

By Davit Asatryan, Director of Product, Spin.AI Mainstream generative AI (think ChatGPT, Google Bard) has exploded in the last few years, with some estimates putting the market at $1.3 trillion within a decade. To provide some context, Bloomberg reported that the industry generated about $40 billion in 2022. This tremendous […]

The Rise of Malicious ChatGPT Browser Extensions and What to ...

In a significant development set to revolutionize sales and marketing, DemandSkill has officially announced the launch of its cutting-edge platform powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). The platform aims to accelerate the global sales and marketing pipeline, focusing specifically on intent-driven opportunities. Born from the labors of the company’s dedicated in-house research team, […]

DemandSkill Unveils AI-Powered Sales and Marketing Platform, Appoints Amy Bartulis ...

Company provides required API security measures to meet 2023 cybersecurity mandates SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 10, 2023 — Traceable, the industry’s leading API security and observability company, today announced it is providing the necessary API security measures to enable FDIC-insured financial institutions to meet the latest Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) cybersecurity compliance mandates. On October 3, 2022, […]

Traceable AI Addresses Newest FFIEC Compliance Guidelines Highlighting API Security ...