DemandSkill Unveils AI-Powered Sales and Marketing Platform, Appoints Amy Bartulis Winchell as Managing Director

In a significant development set to revolutionize sales and marketing, DemandSkill has officially announced the launch of its cutting-edge platform powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). The platform aims to accelerate the global sales and marketing pipeline, focusing specifically on intent-driven opportunities.

Born from the labors of the company’s dedicated in-house research team, the DemandSkill platform showcases sophisticated integration of natural language processing (NLP), semantic analysis, and intent algorithms. These advanced technologies empower the platform to sift through vast datasets, efficiently and accurately pinpointing high-value prospects ready to buy. The platform’s capability of interpreting and leveraging user intent is set to redefine the approach to marketing and sales, emphasizing relevance and potential conversion rates.

In parallel to the platform’s announcement, DemandSkill has also confirmed that industry veteran Amy Bartulis Winchell will take the helm as managing director. Bartulis Winchell, a celebrated name in the industry, brings a wealth of experience and knowledge from her prior roles at leading media and tech organizations. She has previously held senior sales leadership positions with INFUSEMedia, The Register / The Next Platform, International Data Group (IDG), 1105 Media, UBM Channel, and HPCWire.

“Sales organizations who have embraced AI have proven to close more deals, generate more revenue and experience higher customer traffic and content engagement than those who haven’t,” said Bartulis Winchell. “In the same manner that revolutionized customer relationship management, we believe our superior AI-powered technology gives our customers a strategic advantage that offers greater flexibility and customization that fits the best way to engage their prospects and turn them into customers.”

The appointment of Bartulis Winchell underscores the company’s commitment to strategic growth and its ambition to compete at the highest level. Leveraging her vast expertise and industry understanding, Bartulis Winchell is expected to lead DemandSkill’s global team with a keen strategic perspective.

DemandSkill’s platform was brought to life thanks to private funding secured from Angel investors. The company’s leadership is keen to emphasize that this financial backing represents a clear vote of confidence in the platform’s potential, as well as the strategic direction of the company under Bartulis Winchell’s guidance.

In addition to their impressive launch, DemandSkill has confirmed their attendance at the prestigious Black Hat conference scheduled to take place in Las Vegas from August 5 to 10, 2023. The conference, renowned for its focus on the latest developments in the information security sector, will provide a unique opportunity for attendees to learn more about DemandSkill’s innovative platform. Their participation in the Black Hat conference affirms the company’s position at the forefront of the fusion of AI and sales and marketing. Take advantage of this chance to interact with DemandSkill’s team and understand how their technology could redefine your business operations.

The emergence of DemandSkill from stealth and the arrival of its groundbreaking platform marks a new chapter in the evolution of sales and marketing. The fusion of AI with the sales pipeline is no small feat, promising to deliver superior lead identification and conversion processes. With Bartulis Winchell at the helm and a team poised to drive the company’s strategic vision, DemandSkill is one to watch in the industry.

DemandSkill’s AI-powered platform emerges as a game-changer in the ever-evolving landscape of sales and marketing. With its unique capability of leveraging advanced technologies like NLP, semantic analysis, and intent algorithms to identify high-value prospects, it’s poised to redefine how businesses approach their sales pipelines. Under the experienced leadership of industry stalwart Amy Bartulis Winchell, the firm is ready to make significant strides in the global market.

While DemandSkill’s platform signifies a remarkable advancement in the field, it is only the tip of the innovation iceberg for the company. As the world of sales and marketing continues to evolve, the importance of having a capable, responsive, and effective tool such as DemandSkill will only become more apparent.

For anyone interested in learning more about DemandSkill, its groundbreaking platform, or wishing to explore how this technology could redefine their sales and marketing pipeline, we encourage you to visit the DemandSkill website. Take a step towards transforming your business landscape by harnessing the power of AI-enabled, intent-driven sales and marketing strategies with DemandSkill.

Steven Bowcut is an award-winning journalist covering cyber and physical security. He is an editor and writer for Brilliance Security Magazine as well as other security and non-security online publications. Follow and connect with Steve on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.