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Most cybersecurity teams are under immense pressure to contain threats and recover from attacks as swiftly as possible. Fortunately, if they leverage classification methods, they can relieve some of that strain. How can data classification improve their incident response? What Is Data Classification? Data classification is the practice of organizing […]

How Data Classification Improves Incident Response

Geospatial data is an overlooked tool that can significantly improve cybersecurity efforts. How can location-specific information stop cyber attacks and deter cybercriminals? What Is Geospatial Data? Geospatial data is location-related information about individuals, objects or events. The most common examples are demographic details, addresses, transportation networks and satellite imagery. Although […]

How Geospatial Data Improves Cybersecurity

By Mark B. Cooper, President & Founder, PKI Solutions Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is a foundational technology that enables almost all modern identity and data encryption used in enterprises, including CIP infrastructure systems. It works to support all of the higher-level protection, management, identity, and access management solutions organizations deploy. […]

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity: Leveraging Public Key Infrastructure for ...

Data quality refers to measuring data’s condition, focusing on its accuracy, completeness, reliability and relevance to ensure it serves its purpose effectively. These dimensions guarantee the data is error-free, fully detailed, consistent and applicable. High-quality data is foundational for effective cybersecurity because it ensures threat detection systems can accurately identify […]

How Data Quality Impacts Your Cybersecurity Posture

Learn how MDR transforms cybersecurity with real-time threat detection, expert response, and strategic planning to safeguard your digital assets effectively. What Are the Benefits of MDR? MDR stands at the forefront of cyber security innovation, offering a dynamic shield against risk. This service merges cutting-edge technology with deep expertise to […]

Discover 7 Benefits of MDR in Cyber Security

By Marcus Scharra, Co-CEO and Co-Founder, Senhasegura This year’s Data Privacy Week is a timely reminder of the growing importance of protecting data in our increasingly digital world. Data privacy has become a critical concern of governments around the globe, resulting in the tightening of regulations governing data collection, disclosure, […]

Make Data Privacy a Strategic Asset for your Company

Cybersecurity experts work hard to make encryption stronger. As data becomes more readily available to companies, information security teams must adopt the latest tools in encryption. That’s because cybercriminals are finding new ways to steal their information.  As hacking increases in sophistication, cybersecurity experts must find new ways to secure […]

What Is the Future of Encryption in Cybersecurity?

Cyberattacks are becoming more frequent — and many are singling out underrepresented populations. Research shows threat actors are more likely to target immigrants than some other demographics. Many experts agree these cases are underreported. Threat actors are increasingly taking advantage of vulnerable immigrant populations by pretending to be a consulate […]

Cyberattacks Are Targeting Immigrants