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By Pankaj Singh The global cybersecurity market has established itself as a tremendously lucrative investment avenue in recent years due to the increasing demand for security solutions across several enterprises throughout the world. Several industries and firms spread across the globe are adopting cybersecurity solutions to safeguard their online financial […]

3 Major Trends Influencing the Global Cybersecurity Market Outlook Over ...

By Dan May, Commercial Director at ramsac Software is not without its vulnerabilities. Even if these flaws exist unintentionally, any backdoor or point of unauthorised access can be exploited advantageously by cyber-criminals, which is why programmers analyse for, and “patch”, these vulnerabilities. Software needs to be monitored tightly, and routinely, to […]

Lessons to Learn from the 2021 Microsoft Exchange Zero-day Attack

By Devin Partida, Editor-in-Chief, As more people get vaccinated and states lift their pandemic restrictions, businesses must reconsider their security protocols. Whether that’s taking new preventive measures or upgrading current systems, now is the time to make changes. Businesses in all industries had to keep up with federal and state […]

5 Security Tips for Businesses Reopening in 2021

By Rahul Raghavan, Co-Founder and Chief Evangelist, we45 We are at a certain point today where the maturity of our AppSec testing capabilities is at an all-time high. These days, product engineering personas look to identify differences between “pen testing” and “pen-testing” — and rightfully so. While the actual differences […]

Progressions in AppSec Testing