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By Theo Zafirakos, CISO Terranova Security Three billion phishing emails are sent globally every day.  That’s right. Billion. These emails are a serious threat. Organizations must be constantly vigilant because if employees don’t know how to spot phishing emails, your organization’s information is at risk. Knowing how to build a […]

How to Build a Successful Phishing Simulation Campaign

By Emily Newton, Editor-in-Chief at Revolutionized Magazine Hackers are employing new techniques to compromise data centers, including power attacks. These hacks target a server’s power consumption and center power infrastructure. This attack method could significantly damage data center equipment, lead to lengthy outages or make valuable information easier to acquire. The […]

How to Protect Data Centers From a Power Attack

By Joe Caradonna, owner of PROSHRED Arizona Securely destroying important documents and electronics is an important security step for any company. Businesses need secure document shredding services on a regular basis and security companies that are experts at their work will dispose of your information in a secure and environmentally […]

Do Secure Hard Drive Destruction and Recycling the Right Way

By Devin Partida, Editor-in-Chief, Accepting mobile payments can be highly beneficial for businesses. The transaction time is much faster than traditional payment methods, cutting out the need to count exact change or wait for cards to process, which takes around 12 seconds compared to one second for mobile pay. Also, […]

Is It Safe for Businesses to Use Mobile Pay?

By Emily Newton, Editor-in-Chief at Revolutionized Magazine Logistics organizations must address critical cybersecurity gaps to defend themselves from increasing threats. This can be challenging since there are so many variables and moving parts to keep track of. Frequently, employees themselves pose a security weakness. However, organizations must understand and respond to […]

Addressing Cybersecurity Gaps in Logistics

By Jessica Amado, Head of Cyber Research at Sepio The Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming widely adopted across all industries, including critical infrastructure sectors, such as healthcare, energy, telecommunications, and more. IoTs are valuable tools, boosting efficiency and productivity through big data and connectivity. Contrarily, however, the characteristics of […]

IoTs Know a Lot About Us, But What Do We ...

By Jeff Broth Low-code/no-code app development is set to play a big role in the future of organizations. Adam Burden, Accenture’s Chief Software Engineer, expects it to reshape business innovation, calling it an important enabler of fast-paced innovation that benefits professional and citizen developers. This new technology, however, has a […]

Zenity: Helping Organizations Make the Most Out of Low-Code/No-Code App ...

By Emily Newton, Editor-in-Chief at Revolutionized Magazine Telemedicine has redefined the healthcare sector. While remote care technologies existed before the COVID-19 pandemic, their adoption surged as in-person health visits fell out of favor. Now that these solutions are common and the initial hype has quieted, telemedicine security has taken center stage. […]

Is Security Keeping Pace With Telemedicine’s Growth?

By Bill Herzog is the CEO of Lionheart Security Services Safety at your company is a top priority for any business owner. This is especially true for any company that has employees working on potentially hazardous job sites. Industrial plant workers, construction workers, warehouse workers, and healthcare workers all could […]

Companies Should Invest in OSHA 10 Certified Security Guards

By Shannon Walker, Founder and President of Whistleblower Security Inc No matter the industry or level of security you have, your organization is vulnerable to cybersecurity threats. Employee negligence, human error, and malicious attacks can result in severe consequences for a business and are difficult to plan for. Cybersecurity threats […]

Benefits of Whistleblower Hotlines for Organizational Cybersecurity Protection

By Zach Norton, Digital Marketing Specialist and Expert Writer at To mitigate the damage of Slowloris attacks, increase bandwidth, adjust hardware configuration, broaden your infrastructure, and invest in DDoS mitigation software and hardware. One of the most common cyberattacks is a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. A DDoS […]

How to Mitigate a Slowloris DDoS Attack