By Anastasios Arampatzis The frequency of cyberattacks on operational technology (OT) systems is increasing, causing significant impact on industrial operations. Organizations are under pressure to find solutions quickly. Industry 4.0 prompted the adoption of digital solutions that aim to increase automation, incorporate smart devices, improve data efficiency, and IT-OT convergence. […]

IT and OT in the Mix: Spotting New Threats in ...

By Emily Newton, Editor-in-Chief atĀ Revolutionized Magazine IoT cybersecurity is critical for safety and success in five key industries today. Manufacturing, supply chain, healthcare, energy and transportation businesses face higher than average risk of IoT-related security vulnerabilities. It is crucial for businesses in these industries to be aware of the risks […]

The Top 5 Industries that Need IoT Cybersecurity

Medical devices are becoming increasingly interconnected and vulnerable to cyber-attacks. As a security professional, it’s crucial that you understand the risks and how to safeguard these devices. Episode S5E3 will provide an overview of the medical IoT landscape and critical considerations for protecting these devices. Listen in as Richard Staynings, […]

What Security Professionals Need to Know About Safeguarding Medical Devices ...

Reducing carbon emissions is essential for the health and welfare of humans on earth. Sharing trusted data is a necessary enabler in this effort. By Julian Durand, Vice President of Product Management at Intertrust Technologies, and Amandeep Grover, Staff Manager, Strategy and Analysis, at Qualcomm The clean energy transition depends […]

Trusted Data Drives Clean Energy

By Zachary Amos, Features Editor atĀ ReHack There isn’t just one Internet of Things ā€” there are many. A soft-drink factory might have its own IoT, while a high-rise office building might have another. Residences might have one, too. The most visible IoT innovations ā€” smart lighting, appliances, and sensors ā€” […]

As IoT Expands Into Retail, Cybersecurity Risks Rise

By Jessica Amado, Head of Cyber Research at Sepio The Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming widely adopted across all industries, including critical infrastructure sectors, such as healthcare, energy, telecommunications, and more. IoTs are valuable tools, boosting efficiency and productivity through big data and connectivity. Contrarily, however, the characteristics of […]

IoTs Know a Lot About Us, But What Do We ...

By Emily Newton, Editor-in-Chief atĀ Revolutionized Magazine Internet of Things (IoT) devices are everywhere ā€” and market research suggests they are about to become much more popular.  However, experts are concerned about the potential impact of poor IoT device security. Insecure items could leave businesses and consumers much more vulnerable to […]

How Secure Are IoT Devices and Wearables?