The world’s only single-step multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution, MIRACL, today unveils a new partnership with UK-based security firm, Buddi.  Buddi provides security products to a wide range of individuals, so a simple solution for all users is best. When they learned about MIRACL, they quickly recognised that its easy usability […]

MIRACL Announces New Partnership With Security Organization, Buddi

In today’s world, online security is more important than ever. In order to keep customers’ personal information safe, businesses need to use a passwordless authentication system that is phishing-resistant. Veridium and Tec360 have teamed up to provide just such a solution. In recent industry news, Veridium announced that it and […]

Phishing-Resistant Passwordless Authentication From Veridium and Tec360 to Protect Top ...

By Avinash Dhanwani, Research Director, Brainy Insights Private Limited The increasing demand for high-level security technologies, especially in the BFSI industry, to provide effective risk management systems and help tackle the issues of identity theft and fraud drives the market’s growth. Furthermore, the increasing number of stringent government regulations to […]

Multi-factor Authentication Industry Rising Up Gradually with the Adoption of ...