A10 Networks 2022 DDoS Threat Report

In Episode S4E10, our guest is Paul Nicholson, Senior Director of Product Marketing for A10 Networks. Paul gives us insight into the new 2022 A10 Networks DDoS Threat Report. We talk about what you can expect to learn from the report, the methodology used, and critical findings. Paul explains A10’s ability to precisely track the origins of DDoS weapons activity as we discuss some of the activities A10 discovered leading up to the war in Ukraine. 

A10 Networks security research team tracks distributed denial of service (DDoS) weapons and their nature and origins on an ongoing basis. The 2022 A10 Networks DDoS Threat Report provides insights into DDoS activity during the past six months, including the sources of activity; the growth of DDoS weapons and botnets; the role of malware in the propagation of DDoS weapons and attacks; and the steps organizations can take to protect against such activities.

About our Guest

Paul Nicholson brings 25 years of experience working with Internet and security companies in the U.S. and U.K. In his current position, Paul is responsible for global product marketing, technical marketing, and analyst relations at San Jose, Calif.-based security, cloud, and application services leader A10 Networks.

Don’t miss this informative look into what the 2022 A10 Networks DDoS Threat Report offers.



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