A10 Networks

By Paul Nicholson, Senior Director, Product Marketing at A10 Networks. The world has been battling the COVID-19 pandemic for the last several years, and threat actors have taken advantage of the disruption to ramp up cyber-attacks at an accelerated rate. We are slowly transitioning to a more normal operating environment. […]

Tracking the Sources of DDoS Weaponry; Preventing DDoS Attacks from ...

DDoS attacks continue to grow in frequency, intensity, and sophistication. Listen to this episode of the Brilliance Security Magazine Podcast to learn more about why DDoS attacks are increasing and what can be done.  In Episode S2E6, we discuss the new A10 Networks report on the State of DDoS Weapons. […]

The State of DDoS Weapons

An announcement by A10 Networks today has all the indicators of a significant improvement in what is now possible for DDoS defense capabilities. Noting that the time is now for DDoS defense to bring its ‘A’ game, A10 Networks announced it is adding Zero-day Automated Protection (ZAP) capabilities to its […]

DDoS Defense Steps Up A Notch