Encrypted Collaboration

In Episode S4E15, Steve Bowcut talks about encrypted collaboration with István Lám, the co-founder and CEO at Tresorit—a global leader in cloud encryption.

István explains why staying in control of your data is important when collaborating with others and shares how Tresorit’s end-to-end encryption technology protects email and documents. He discusses Tresorit’s idea of Zero Knowledge and why it’s important. 

About our Guest

István Lám is a cryptographer, computer scientist, entrepreneur, and Tresorit’s co-founder and CEO. István earned his MSc degree with top honors at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. As a researcher, he worked on cryptographic key sharing and distributed systems. While still at university, István co-founded Tresorit. Today, Tresorit provides end-to-end encrypted collaboration and file-syncing tools for more than 10,000 businesses globally.

Be sure to listen to learn more about how to collaborate safely and protect your privacy.

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