Ostrich Cyber-Risk Announces the Release of Birdseye, a Cyber Risk Management Application

SALT LAKE CITYOstrich Cyber-Risk™, a leading Cyber Risk Management Provider, is thrilled to announce the launch of Birdseye, an innovative solution for cyber risk analysis and reporting.

A strong cybersecurity posture requires a complete picture of the unique risks facing a given organization. Equally important, security leaders must have a means to accurately communicate the real-world impact of those risks to decision-makers—which can be especially challenging if those stakeholders lack an extensive cybersecurity background. Unfortunately, actionable analysis and comprehensible reporting have traditionally been difficult to obtain from a single source, leading to “proximity-blindness” and misinterpretations of risk that leave too many companies unaware of key vulnerabilities that make them prime targets for attack.

As described by Bret Laughlin, founder of Ostrich Cyber-Risk, “We understand the challenges facing CISOs and Security Leaders and engineered a comprehensive, standards-based cyber risk assessment and reporting application that is both easy-to-use and easy-to-understand. With Birdseye, organizations are finally able to assess their unique risk fingerprint from a single pane of glass and generate actionable and shareable insights to help them develop a stronger and more strategic approach to cybersecurity.”

Birdseye is a simple-but-comprehensive cyber risk assessment and reporting application specifically designed to overcome these challenges by driving action and encouraging communication. Using a methodology developed over more than a decade by top cybersecurity experts, Birdseye makes it simple for organizations to rapidly identify their unique areas of financial and operational risk and accurately convey that information to key stakeholders.

With Birdseye, organizations can identify their unique risk fingerprint based on a qualitative and in-depth analysis of their current cybersecurity posture and quantify the potential impact of specific vulnerabilities through scenario-based risk tracking. Security leaders can track risk-reduction progress over time with precise, actionable analysis of current and planned behaviors; compare their approach to industry peers; and ensure compliance by benchmarking against established security standards. At every stage, users are able to easily produce board-level reports and dashboards with real-time, transparent scoring designed to encourage effective dialog with clients and executives.

More about Ostrich Cyber-Risk:

Ostrich Cyber-Risk is a privately held, sole-source cyber-risk assessment provider founded by cybersecurity experts to provide a smarter and more simple approach to cyber risk management. Ostrich’s services include a proprietary structure to organize cybersecurity activities, modified CSF, which is widely accepted as the leading standard for rapid assessments and the optimal tool for cyber-risk mitigation.

For more information about Ostrich Cyber-Risk, visit www.OstrichCyber-Risk.com/ or contact Ostrich Cyber-Risk, Inc. at 833.292.3743.