Using Artificial Intelligence To Help Keep Your Financial Data Safe

Peter Braverman, Vice President of Sales for Donnelley Financial Solutions

Cybersecurity experts know that threat levels are always changing and evolving. Most people are not aware of the many tricks and tools that hackers have at their disposal. They look for exploits and weak spots in a company’s security measures, but they also find ways to break into a system without these techniques. In many cases, they turn employees into unwitting accomplices, fooling them into giving out their passwords or other confidential information. Ransomware continues to be a significant concern, locking users out of their systems and extorting them to the tune of millions.

Given how insidious and amorphous the overall threat of cybercrime can be, it might seem nearly impossible for a company’s security efforts to keep up with it. The bad news is that cybercriminals can launch offensives that can batter a firewall 24/7 with no need to stop. The good news, however, is that IT professionals can have a security solution that works just as tirelessly to defeat them. This is where leveraging the power of artificial intelligence to protect your financial data can make the difference between being prepared for a cyberattack and merely crossing your fingers.

How AI Defends Your Data

The primary advantage of an AI-focused cybersecurity platform is that it doesn’t follow the same programming in a predictable pattern. Rather, it’s always learning from what it experiences, giving it the ability to deal with attacks from different vectors. Instead of being a wall, it behaves more like a hockey goalie that changes its defense according to the angle of attack.

For instance, phishing schemes rely on fake emails to trick employees into giving away their logins. Although many employers stress the importance of paying close attention to signs of impersonators, workers still are susceptible to being fooled as they go about their busy routines. But AI can learn to watch for these suspicious elements and act before the emails even reach the employee’s inbox. They can be quarantined so there’s virtually no chance anyone even sees them, let alone clicks on them.

Of course, the fact that these systems aren’t human means they can be on guard around the clock. They provide the same level of protection and security any time of the day or night, without getting distracted or tired. The software automatically and immediately responds to threats, leaving almost no weak spots for hackers to exploit.

Adding More Defense

AI-empowered cybersecurity can be a game changer for cybersecurity professionals, but it never hurts to have as many lines of defense as possible. This includes requiring employees to use an encrypted VPN whenever working remotely, as well as using strong passwords that are changed on a regular basis. Keeping up to date with antivirus and firewall software on all company-issued computers also helps keep financial information secure. The threat level and the stakes are much too high to risk doing anything less than all you can do. To learn more about everything artificial intelligence can do to protect your firm’s most sensitive data, take a close look at the accompanying resource.

Peter Braverman is Vice President of Sales for Donnelley Financial Solutions™, a financial software solutions company. He has 16 years of experience in the industry and focuses on selling SaaS solutions in the Capital Markets industry.