National Red Alert, Inc. Provides Unique Patented EDIS Personal Security Technology

By Lisa Pellegrene

National Red Alert, Inc. based in Titusville, Florida, provides a rapid response notification system, utilizing patented EDIS (Event-Driven Information System)based technology.  The company is seeking up to $5,000,000 from accredited investors under its Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) Reg D 506c offering. The technology provides a transparent methodology that captures, processes, and transmits personal data for use in delivering near real-time multimedia feeds. This results in immediate, near real-time response to personal emergency events, and a greater outcome of positive resolutions to emergency events.  Performance of the system can be measured in a near-instantaneous measurement of time, to provide solutions that minimize potentially negative results in an emergency situation, regardless of location. 

Chet Przygoda, is the Co-founder of NationalRed Alert, Inc. He is a patent holder with career expertise in asset tracking and security, access control management, and system integration and development. As head of research and development, he directs all engineering and technical service teams. Chet Przygoda, along with his team of engineers, developed the EDIS technology, which is covered by the existing and pending systems patents. 

Przygoda stated in a recent interview, “from the onset of the EDIS concept, solutions were created for the utilization of asset management tools. It has been my goal to provide simple, transparent, and user-friendly methods to provide event-driven information to the end-user.” Concluding, “The goal of the engineering team was to create, develop, and to expand platforms that require minimal, if any direct physical labor to capture, process, and then pass on event-driven data, without limits of application or form.  The Red Alert system is built on the experience and application of this work.”

Chet continued, “The existing and pending patents (the pending patents which are subject to filings and confirmation) are firmly rooted in an open architecture within which each new component either in the form of hardware or software can be literally plugged into the existing infrastructure.  The approach allows for almost unlimited expansion and scalability of form without having to literally reinvent the basic operating structure or intellectual property (current and future patents). 

Red Alert’s engineering and development personnel will continue to create newer and better ways to capture event driving information for use by its clients regardless of the source of such data or the format upon which it will be delivered for use.” 

The National Red Alert System provides near instantaneous event-driven transactional data signals as an integral part of the EDIS infrastructure.  These signals, which originated by the triggering of the Red Alert ComBadge as interfaced with a smart device, provide in near real-time, identifying information for immediate action to a personal emergency event by authorized personnel. 

The system further provides audio and video feeds allowing authorized personnel real-time access to events as they occur.  Concurrently, the system provides an oversight capability, allowing certified monitoring facility personnel the flexibility to scale the level of first responding personnel, to most effectively meet the needs of the emergency response event.  The National Red Alert System has been designed to be scalable – allowing for individual, campus, commercial, healthcare, or municipal utilization of this personal security technology. 

Robert M. Adams is the Co-Founder of National Red Alert, Inc. Robert Adams’ background in security was first prevalent in the mid-1980’s spanning more than 2 decades (1986-2010), through his work as the Chief Executive Officer of R.M. Adams & Associates, Inc., a manufacturer’s rep firm which operated solely in the security sector. Robert Adams invented and developed the ‘Profit Maker System,’ which is a telecom technical system and protocol, utilized to facilitate the monitoring for independent, security alarm companies.

Through the use of EDIS technology, campus security personnel can have their smart devices optimized so that they, along with the security center, have immediate and comprehensive information. This alone can have a dramatic effect in reducing, and in some cases even preventing, an assault or mitigating against an active shooter situation.

“This EDIS technology solves the response time problem,” states Adams.  “When emergency personnel have to take precious minutes to gather intel, they are placed at a disadvantage; yet, when that information can be provided instantaneously their response can be far more efficient, and literally life saving.”

EDIS technology provides built-in redundancy and confirmable tooling in near real-time with a variance measurable by nanoseconds to act, through the dispatch of immediate response to an emergency event. 

The utilization of National Red Alert’s patented technology addresses and overcomes the challenges which have been prevalent within the personal security sector for decades; specifically,  the ability to protect individuals regardless of location and the ability to provide a near-instantaneous response time to a personal emergency event. 

Robert Adams concludes, “When someone needs help, they need it immediately.  Tragedy can strike in an instant.  It’s a function of time.  The Red Alert system changes the time narrative.  Communication is immediate, comprehensive and always delivered to the right parties.  No delays, no fumbling, no confusion.  That can be the difference between a just close call – or a terrible tragedy.”

Accredited investors interested in learning more about National Red Alert may do so by contacting the founders at the following link:  Invest – National Red Alert

Further information related to the Red Alert System can be found at its website at

Inquiries may be directed to Robert Adams, CEO,

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