Physical Security

By Sharmistha Bose Technological advancements have indeed transformed our lives for the better. One technology that has evolved magnificently over the years is the video camera. Earlier, video cameras only found applications in shooting videos. However, in today’s age, they do much more than that. With advanced built-in systems and […]

The Video Analytics Market Flourishes Owing to the Enormous Scope ...

By Dhananjay Punekar, Sr. Specialist Content Writer at Allied Market Research The onset of new technologies such as the internet of things, augmented reality, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence will boost the growth of the cloud security market across the globe. Massive demand for improving the data storage, data processing, […]

New Product and Technology Launches and Acquisitions To Boost Demand ...

By Brendon Bartholomew, President — Vector Aerial Drones are the unblinking eye giving public safety officers the upper hand in our cities today. While shrinking budgets and reduced staffing have security teams under pressure, drones are the force multiplier that helps them maintain an advantage.  I’ve been equipping the security […]

Drones for the Future of Safety and Security

By Stewart McClintic, Owner of Communication in the security industry remains one of the most important tools for the safety of security guards, their clients, and their client’s property. Risky situations can occur at any time, so it is important that security teams have the tools to communicate that […]

Two-way Radios Remain a Boon for Security Professionals

By Bill Herzog is the CEO of Lionheart Security Services Safety at your company is a top priority for any business owner. This is especially true for any company that has employees working on potentially hazardous job sites. Industrial plant workers, construction workers, warehouse workers, and healthcare workers all could […]

Companies Should Invest in OSHA 10 Certified Security Guards