Technical Innovations Designed to Reduce Active Shooter Response Times

Welcome to the thrilling Episode S5E13 of the Brilliance Security Magazine Podcast, where we take a deep dive into the world of technological innovation in security. In this episode, our host Steven Bowcut sits down with a true pioneer in the field—Dr. Maria Bell, the visionary Founder and CEO of Digital Twin Imaging. This episode titled “Technical Innovations Designed to Reduce Active Shooter Response Times” explores the cutting-edge solutions that DTI provides to expedite emergency responses. Dr. Bell unveils some of the primary strategies and advanced technologies that are revolutionizing the sector, particularly in the context of high-risk active shooter scenarios.


In this informative episode, Dr. Bell elucidates the game-changing strategies and technologies that are making significant strides in shortening response times for active shooter incidents. She dives into how Digital Twin Imaging—her trailblazing company, leverages the power of real-time data and artificial intelligence to create, maintain, and integrate 3D models that help first responders navigate emergencies swiftly and effectively.

Dr. Bell also highlights real-time data and AI’s pivotal role in DTI’s technology. She emphasizes how these digital tools not only streamline the process but also enhance accuracy and efficiency, effectively rewriting the narrative of traditional emergency response mechanisms.

Furthermore, she underscores the profound benefits of integrating technology into emergency response procedures. She provides an enlightening perspective on how these advancements specifically come into play during active shooter scenarios, potentially saving countless lives by reducing critical response times.

Whether you’re a professional in the security field or simply someone passionate about the future of technology and its potential societal impacts, this episode is an essential listen. Be prepared to delve into the futuristic world of emergency response and explore the potential of technology to protect and preserve life.

About our Guest

Maria Bell, MD, MPH, MBA, is a dynamic and award-winning physician with a proven record of medical innovation and strategic leadership. She is the Founder and CEO of Digital Twin Imaging.



Get ready to discover how the fusion of real-time data and artificial intelligence is set to redefine the future of emergency response.

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