New Smart, Connected Wearables by Blackline Safety Keep Workers Safe

Anyone who has worked in an industrial environment or alone in the field without other people around can tell you that their biggest concern is getting help if an accident happens. It’s scary to think about what could happen if you are incapacitated, and no one knows where you are or that you need help.

Over the years, safety equipment companies have proposed various solutions to make it safer for workers in challenging environments. Blackline Safety’s newest line of cloud-enabled G7 wearable safety devices is something that we should all know more about. These devices help people work smarter and safer by providing unprecedented connectivity across any workplace.

The configurable G7 wearables are small, wireless devices worn like a cell phone. They accurately detect gas leaks, falls, and other health events in all types of business environments. They can also be used for contact tracing purposes or determine how often workers travel through high-risk areas.

The devices operate on available cellular, with optional satellite connectivity, and deploy straight out of the box in minutes. Workers are instantly alerted to emergencies to facilitate streamlined evacuation and emergency response procedures. If workers are harmed or injured, their location is pinpointed so emergency responders know exactly where to go and what conditions to expect.

G7 wearables utilize state-of-the-art cloud-based software solutions to enable centralized safety monitoring from any Internet-connected smartphone, tablet, or computer. Once devices are connected to a network, they begin logging time and location-stamped data for easy safety reporting and better decision making.

Optional add-on services include 24/7 live monitoring by Blackline Safety’s Safety Operations Center. They also offer data science consulting services to help companies take their data analysis to the next level by identifying the right resources and strategies to keep their employees safe, thus moving from reactive to proactive safety practices.

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