Risk Management

Alan Kohler will also Bolster Pamir Capabilities Advising US Companies with Mitigating Business Risk in China WASHINGTON, D.C. – As rising geo-political tensions continue to affect US organizations with operations in China, Pamir Consulting, a Washington-headquartered risk management consultancy, today announced a new team of China specialists headed up by FBI […]

FBI veteran joins Pamir Consulting to Safeguard Billions of Dollars ...

By Pawneet Abramowski Trade/ Economic sanctions are a powerful tool. The rules and regulations dictated by governments for various reasons can majorly impact national economies and affect businesses of all sizes. The war in Ukraine unsurprisingly prompted the President, the US. Treasury department and other nations to increase sanctions against […]

Regulations, Risks and Reputation: The 3Rs to Consider How Sanctions ...

By Sal Petriello, Director of Integrated Risk Management Strategy at NAVEX It’s no longer enough to only manage and mitigate the “human risk” of internal employee behavior as organizations increasingly share sensitive data with third-party partners that are critical to their operations and supply chains. Even with limited resources, risk […]

Properly Managing the Human Side of Information Security

By Sal Petriello, Director of Integrated Risk Management Strategy at NAVEX Recent coverage of cybersecurity incidents stemming from compromises of organizations’ third-party vendors highlights an important, yet often overlooked, aspect of risk management. While the specifics of execution can be complex, it is imperative for risk managers to grasp and […]

The Pillars of Third-Party Risk Management

By Karen Bolton, CEO, Nettitude Commonly recognized as one of the biggest risks to any organization, cybersecurity is at the top of boardroom agendas. With digital transformation accelerating across the globe, effective assurance is crucial for entire digital ecosystems. Organizations must protect vital assets from attack and damaging compromise while […]

Cybersecurity and the Future of Assurance in an Ever-Changing Risk ...

By Peter Kelley OneTrust, a fast-growing data privacy, compliance and governance enterprise platform backed by leading VCs, has acquired Shared Assessments, the global membership organization dedicated to developing the best practices, education, and tools to drive third-party risk assurance.  Recent global events such as the COVID-19 pandemic and Solar Winds […]

OneTrust Acquires Shared Assessments, Third-Party Risk Management Leaders