Cybrary Intros Free Access Cybersecurity Skills Training

500+ Hours of content provides the full essential skillset to launch a cyber career.

By Peter R. Kelley

The introduction of Cybrary Free Access is a new move by a leader in online cybersecurity training to make a cybersecurity career more accessible and affordable.

Cybrary Free Access features 500+ hours of premium content, including guided instruction on key foundational roles and concepts, certification preparation, and threat-based training, developing skills to defend against real adversaries. The move is designed to address the longstanding cybersecurity skills shortage, which now stands at a critical level in the United States and globally.

Kevin Hanes, CEO of Cybrary, said: “The industry is facing a capacity, capability, and confidence problem. While everyone is talking about it, the problem isn’t getting any better. What we’re doing is working to get millions of people in those seats. We’re coming back with a stronger free product than ever in response to not only the skills shortage, but also a market that’s in need of new opportunities. This isn’t just free content; it’s an experience designed to provide practitioners with hands-on skills training based on the threats organizations are facing now or likely to face soon.”

Jim Curry, Co-Founder of the Build Group, which led Cybrary’s C Round funding, said: “What first attracted me to Cybrary was the community. Cybrary’s users are all highly engaged not only in developing their own careers, but in onboarding new cybersecurity professionals and helping their peers to advance. The opportunity to combine critical mission with a great business is a rare opportunity, and we are excited to continue to support it. With this new launch, Cybrary is furthering its community commitment and we are proud to stand behind them on it.”

Cybrary Free Access content includes:

  • IT Foundations and Cybersecurity Foundations Paths: a comprehensive, deep dive into the core concepts found across all cybersecurity roles and the IT ecosystem:
    • IT Foundations: hardware, systems architecture, operating systems, networking and context.
    • Cybersecurity Foundations: career paths, threats and adversaries, vulnerabilities and risks, cryptography, hacking systems, defending systems, security architecture, controls, scripting, etc.
  • Certification Prep Courses: help for those who are not only looking to achieve recognized accreditations, but are also looking to understand the underlying concepts behind the certifications.
  • Advanced Courses: experienced talent seeking to further advance their skills can access a sampling of interactive labs based on realistic attack scenarios. 

Ron Gula, President at Gula Tech Adventures, said: “Cybrary continues to lead the development and expansion of our vital cybersecurity workforce. Cybrary’s training and materials — including the latest critical vulnerabilities and attack vectors – are essential to ensuring front-line cyber defenders have the skills to protect our nation and its businesses. Offering free access to premium content is, quite simply, an extension of the company’s long-standing commitment to the cyber community and will ensure that no one who wants to break into this field or upskill during these tumultuous economic times is turned away.”

George Steuart, CISSP, a cybersecurity professional for a leading Boston medical establishment and one of approximately 3 million registered Cybrary users, said: “Cybrary’s content is superb, and unlocking this content is going to make cybersecurity careers accessible to a lot more people.”

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