Insider Threat Trends and Challenges

In Episode S5E2, our guest is Sanjay Raja, VP of Product Marketing and Solutions at Gurucul. Gurucul is a provider of a real-time Cloud-native Next-Gen Analytics and Security Operations Platform. Sanjay shares his informed perspective about the growing threats posed by insiders. 

After providing a high-level overview of the scope and magnitude of the insider threat problem, Sanjay offers some trends he has identified and some of the possible causes for the increase in these types of threats. He offers valuable information about what organizations can do to detect and prevent insider threats. 

About our Guest

Sanjay holds a CISSP and brings over 20 years of experience in building, marketing, and selling cyber security and networking solutions to enterprises, small-to-medium businesses, and managed service providers. Previously, Sanjay was VP of Marketing at Prevailion, a cyber intelligence startup. Sanjay has also had several successful leadership roles in Marketing, Product Strategy, Alliances, and Engineering.

Be sure to listen in to learn more about the growing problem of insider threats.

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