Unified Communications Solutions

In Episode S4E13, our guest is Tom Reilly, the President of Commend Americas. This discussion focuses on Unified Communications Solutions. We talk about what they are, how organizations use them, and what providers of these solutions should be doing to protect the networks they reside on and the data they have a stewardship to protect.

The host, Steve Bowcut, asks Tom to explain the cybersecurity protocols solution providers should use to protect infrastructure and data. Tom elaborates on Commend Americas’ “privacy and security by design” process and the international compliance standards companies should adhere to.

About our Guest

As the President of Commend Americas, Tom leads a team focused on reinventing the use of unified communications solutions for safety, security, and operational efficiencies. Tom is a seasoned executive leader with more than 14 years of business development, operational strategy, and sales expertise. Prior to Commend, Tom spent ten years at Ernst & Young in increasingly senior strategy and management positions, providing insights and direction on modern technology and business transformations to help global organizations achieve sustained business results and ongoing innovation. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Management from Binghamton University.

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