Smartphone-related Security Threats

In Episode S3E11 our guest is Dr. Bill Anderson, President of CIS Mobile. Dr. Anderson is a security industry executive with extensive leadership experience founding, funding, and operating security software companies. He has previously served as Vice President, Technology Investments at Allied Minds where he managed a portfolio of information security, quantum, and semiconductor design companies. Bill has held executive roles in product management and marketing at several public and private technology companies and is an expert on security in the mobile ecosystem.

During this fascinating conversation, Bill gives us an overview of some current and recent threats related to smartphones and explains some of the methods government users have historically used to protect against smartphone-related threats – and the challenges with those methods.

To wrap it up, Dr. Anderson give us some very specific recommendations for protecting government users of commercial smartphones.

If you use a smartphone, and who doesn’t, you are sure to find this episode interesting.

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