Protecting critical infrastructure is vital to the safety and security of our nation. Without adequate security measures and systems, threat actors would undoubtedly, severely impact essential services such as water, energy, and transportation. If any sector requires the very best in cybersecurity technology, it is critical infrastructure.  Dispersive Holdings Inc. […]

Sustainable Power Infrastructure Gets Military-grade Security Technology

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers startup accelerator programs that provide resources and mentorship to help new businesses grow. These programs are a great way to help startups succeed. AWS is committed to helping companies grow and succeed, and these accelerator programs are a great way to do that. AWS is […]

Impressive Cohort of Companies Selected To Participate in AWS Accelerator

In my neverending quest to find new, meaningful, and unique security solutions and strategies for the readers of Brilliance Security Magazine to consider, I recently talked with Rajiv Pimplaskar, President & CEO at Dispersive. We discussed Dispersive’s radically different, cloud-native approach to virtual networking, how it works, how it’s different, […]

Multipath VPN for Security and Resiliency