Sustainable Power Infrastructure Gets Military-grade Security Technology

Protecting critical infrastructure is vital to the safety and security of our nation. Without adequate security measures and systems, threat actors would undoubtedly, severely impact essential services such as water, energy, and transportation. If any sector requires the very best in cybersecurity technology, it is critical infrastructure. 

Dispersive Holdings Inc. (Dispersive) is an emerging cloud security leader that provides military-grade security technology in the Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) and Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) space. They recently agreed to implement a secure critical grid network infrastructure for Endeavour. Endeavour builds platforms to support the reliable, rapid growth, and sustainable operations of global cloud & logistics companies.

Dispersive’s partnership with Endeavour will help to secure critical grid network infrastructure and be implemented across Endeavour’s entire technology stack. This includes GridBlock EV charging solutions and microgrids, Pact low-carbon fuel solutions, and Voltek Water’s distributed water infrastructure.

“We are truly inspired by Endeavour’s mission of sustainability,” said Rajiv Pimplaskar, Dispersive’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “Security and privacy are a prerequisite, not an afterthought, and Dispersive’s solution will provide peace of mind for Endeavour and their energy, electric vehicle charging, logistics and utility clients. Dispersive looks forward to supporting Endeavour’s business and use cases with DispersiveFabric, our highly scalable, performant, resilient and operationally flexible software platform.”

Many critical infrastructure providers spend enormous amounts of time and money protecting data where it lives. Dispersive believes it no longer makes sense to use a traditional VPN to move protected data. They claim a 30-year-old technology isn’t secure enough for today’s work systems and security requirements.

By splitting data across multiple streams, Dispersive delivers virtually perfect networks and ends traditional VPNs’ unreliable, insecure, and slow performance. A dispersive VPN can detect the best paths for data by dynamically routing around degrading paths in real-time. Connections stay up no matter what single path goes down, and with multiple encrypted streams of data reassembled at the endpoint, there’s no single path to intercept nor keys to compromise.

“Cybersecurity is increasingly critical as the grid adopts more renewables and relies on connected inverters for energy and electric vehicle charging. Today’s elevated threat landscape, combined with heightened competition, requires a new paradigm for offering enhanced capabilities and operational excellence within critical infrastructure sectors,” said Jakob Carnemark, Endeavour’s Founder and CEO. “In Dispersive, we’ve selected a trusted partner with unique and innovative military-grade technology and expertise across complex mission-critical environments to help us quickly scale our operation globally for diverse businesses, geographies and use cases.”

About Dispersive Holdings

Dispersive delivers a cloud-native network fabric that is ultra-secure, operationally flexible, and up to 10 times faster. Dispersive’s battlefield-inspired patented technology creates virtual active-active multipath networks with rolling encryption keys and granular access controls to connect digital businesses, products, and users across any cloud or service edge. Government, enterprises, and channel partners can implement the solution quickly with zero-touch provisioning even across multi-cloud environments to secure against new and emerging threats, including nation-state actors. For more information, visit or follow Dispersive on Twitter @DispersiveHold or LinkedIn @Dispersive-holdings-inc.

About Endeavour

Endeavour is an innovation company developing next-generation sustainable infrastructure. For more information, visit the company’s website:

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