The Video Analytics Market Flourishes Owing to the Enormous Scope of the Technology

By Sharmistha Bose

Technological advancements have indeed transformed our lives for the better. One technology that has evolved magnificently over the years is the video camera. Earlier, video cameras only found applications in shooting videos. However, in today’s age, they do much more than that. With advanced built-in systems and programs, these devices find use in television broadcasting, surveillance, monitoring areas, and recording events. The next best use of video cameras is in video analytics, a significant development in recent years. Video analytics offers a range of intelligent functions that takes the monitoring mechanism to an all-new level. Some of the benefits of this technology are deep processing of video feeds, high-quality images, and data accuracy. Video analytics has countless applications, some of which include face detection, vehicle detection, object counting, action detection, license plate recognition, generating alarms or alerts in case of danger, liquid level monitoring, and leak detection. Due to its numerous applications, video analytics is extensively employed in various industries such as retail, healthcare, smart cities, BFSI, transportation & logistics, manufacturing, and others.

Given the vast applications of video analytics, the demand for the technology is growing tremendously. Therefore, the market witnesses tremendous growth in recent years. According to Allied Market Research, the global video analytics market is set to grow at a CAGR of 22.7% from 2020 to 2027. The growing demand for automation in video tracking and management drives the demand for video analytics across industries such as banking, financial services, retail, airports, manufacturing and others. This is another factor propelling the growth of the industry. Demand for IP-based security cameras and concerns regarding safety and security about life & assets are likely to drive the market growth as well. Also, the use of advanced technologies such as AI, machine learning with video analytics, the surge in demand for business intelligence and insights, and the need for edge-based analytics are the other factors anticipated to offer prolific opportunities for the industry.

To increase market share and gain profitability, several players in the video analytics industry came up with innovative products, which again contributes to the growth of the industry. For instance, Taiwan-based Company, AVerMedia Technologies announced its latest video analytics solution called Vaidio which is built to offer safety and security. C2RO, a provider of Privacy-Aware AI-powered video analytics, unveiled ENTERA™, the world’s most advanced GDPR-Compliant Video Analytics Platform. Another U.S-based video analytics company Vintra, Inc. announced the availability of a video analytics integration that allows faster video search and precise alerts on critical events. Agent Video Intelligence Ltd., a leading global provider of innovative AI-powered video analytics software solutions recently announced the launch of AI-enabled video analytics solution called Innovi.

AVerMedia Technologies Unveils Safety and Security Solution

In March 2022, AVerMedia partnered with IronYun Inc., an artificial intelligence software company to introduce a video analytics solution called Vaidio. Featuring great intuitiveness and versatility, the product is incorporated with AI deep learning technology. The company’s NX215B AI Box PC and Vaidio allow video search and sending alerts for real-time and recorded video. It finds applications in airports, schools, businesses, hospitals, and more for the detection of temperature and weapons, health screening, management of identity, traffic management, and access control.

C2RO Introduces ENTERA™

ENTERA™, known to be the world’s most advanced GDPR-compliant video analytics platform was released at the event, Telefónica Innovation Days in Zaragoza, Spain, in May 2022. Its 100% FACELESS AI feature allows 360-degree behavioral analysis, including end-to-end journey, dwell, engagement and touch, faceless socio-demographic classification, and faceless camera-to-camera re-connection. It also comes with Intel’s hyper scalable architecture that allows easy deployment across various customer sites. Riccardo Badalone, CEO at C2RO says that ENTERA™ comes with new capabilities that enable their customers to make accurate decisions based on the real-time data generated, thus increasing productivity and expanding business growth.

Vintra Announces Video Analytics Integration

In March 2022, Vintra Inc. came out with its video analytics integration that accommodates Vintra Fortify and Genetec™ Security Center. The advanced solution enables users to quickly analyze recorded video content, index live video streams conveniently, search content instantly and alert events accurately through a single security platform. According to Florian Matusek, Director of Video Analytics at Genetec, the AI-powered forensic and real-time analytics tool offers users a unified interface to carry out forensic searches in Security Center and enhance the value of their video surveillance.

Agent Video Intelligence Launches Innovi

In April 2019, Agent Video Intelligence unveiled its new generation of Innovi, an AI-based open architecture video analytics solution, at ISC West in Las Vegas. The solution, which is available as a cloud-hosted service or as an on-premise solution, caters to security, safety, and business intelligence use cases. Innovi’ deep learning capability allows for effective and accurate detection. Innovi addresses every aspect of video analysis, such as real-time event and anomaly detection and advanced video search.

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