How you can Identify the Security Posture of Your Devices Automatically

Our guest for Episode S4E19 is Dr. Carmit Yadin, the Founder & CEO at DeviceTotal—the industry’s first universal repository platform providing security data for devices enabling companies to assess current risks that deployed devices post and potential future risks arising from adding new devices to their networks. The topic for this fun and informative conversation is how you can automatically identify the security posture of your devices.

Dr. Yadin explains how the ever-increasing number of connected devices creates a challenge for organizations trying to assess their security posture. She delves into the need for context to understand risk and identifies how organizations can “automatically” identify risks associated with their devices.

About our Guest

Dr. Carmit Yadin is a renowned leader, researcher, author, and speaker with extensive business and technical skills in cybersecurity and intelligence. As a cyber expert and business development specialist in this highly demanding sector, her intellectual knowledge and understanding of the cyber world enable her to stand out in a globally competitive market. After serving in an elite Israel Defense Forces unit for cyber intelligence, she spent the last decade working with leading high-tech companies in the cyber industry.


Tune in to learn how you can prioritize response using contextual risk and take proactive steps with sound security recommendations

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