Product Supply Chain Security

In Episode S4E3, our guest is Slava Bronfman, CEO and Co-founder at Cybellum and we talk about product supply chain security. Cybellum provides a product security platform, enabling teams to manage security across the entire product lifecycle – from highly detailed SBOMs to automatic vulnerability management, ongoing incident response, and continuous monitoring.

We touch on:

  • Cybersecurity risks, such as open-source or supply chain software
  • Some things product manufacturers can do to detect and remediate vulnerabilities
  • The future for product supply chain security

A little about our guest:

Slava Bronfman is an experienced cybersecurity entrepreneur. As CEO and Co-founder at Cybellum, he is responsible for the business, sales, and marketing operations, working with manufacturers and asset owners worldwide on implementing risk assessment solutions.

As part of founding Cybellum’s development of a novel cybersecurity risk assessment technology, Slava is also the official representative of the Standards Institution of Israel in the ISO 21434 standard technical committee. He served as an officer in Israel’s elite intelligence corps unit 8153 in a leading product management position and holds an M.Sc. in Computer Science and a B.Sc. in Information Systems, both Cum Laude.

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