Supply Chain Security

The latest addition to the Lineaje product portfolio empowers organizations to secure the entire software supply chain, from open-source to proprietary components Lineaje, a leader in continuous software supply chain security management, today unveiled Open-Source Manager (OSM). The comprehensive, first-of-its-kind solution brings transparency to open-source software components in applications and […]

Lineaje Unveils First-of-its-Kind Open-Source Manager to Advance Continuous Software Supply ...

In this episode, host Steve Bowcut interviews Ben Chappell, CEO, and Roger Neal, Head of Products, at ⁠Apona Security⁠. Ben and Roger share their approach to software security and talk about how their platform is unique. The discussion dives into the importance of organizations prioritizing their security as a core part of their development process.

How to Secure Your Supply Chain and Get Visibility Into ...

By Gary Phipps, GRCP, CTPRP, VP Strategy & Business Transformation at CyberGRX There’s no question that we are marching steadily into an increasingly digital future. Nor should it surprise anyone that the vast majority of businesses are prioritizing digital transformation initiatives. Modernization efforts vary based on each company’s goals. However, […]

The Most Common Third-Party Security Gaps Businesses Should Focus On ...

By Idan Wiener, Co-founder and CEO of illustria The world of cybersecurity was rocked by The SolarWinds hack was a significant event as it demonstrated the potential for supply chain attacks to be used to gain access to a wide range of organizations. With these kinds of attacks, hackers target […]

The Next Software Supply Chain Attack Is Imminent, So How ...

By Andras R. Szakal, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at The Open Group Since the pandemic, the global Supply Chain has been in a state of flux. Entire industries reduced in size and extreme labor shortages created a plethora of delays and disruption. Recent geopolitical events such as the […]

Actionable Supply Chain Security: Lessons from the Trenches

In Episode S4E3, our guest is Slava Bronfman, CEO and Co-founder at Cybellum and we talk about product supply chain security. Cybellum provides a product security platform, enabling teams to manage security across the entire product lifecycle – from highly detailed SBOMs to automatic vulnerability management, ongoing incident response, and […]

Product Supply Chain Security

By Devin Partida, Editor-in-Chief, Hackers and other malicious actors are finding innovative ways to infiltrate the global supply chain. Some are even weaponizing artificial intelligence (AI) to develop advanced malware programs so they can strategically and stealthily execute cyber attacks. Anyone who follows the news understands and feels the effects […]

Why Are Supply Chain Cyber Attacks on the Rise?