Security Risks Associated with SaaS Applications

In Episode S5E9 of Brilliance Security Magazine, host Steven Bowcut sits down with Nick Harrahill, the Director of Support at Spin.AI, a company that is transforming the way businesses approach security in the SaaS environment.

The pair delve into the intricacies of the modern SaaS landscape and why it has become so crucial for enterprises to recognize and mitigate the security risks inherent within it. Nick provides invaluable insights from Spin.AI’s recent report, highlighting the prevalence and potential dangers of third-party SaaS applications and browser extensions, specifically in Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 environments.

Additionally, Steven and Nick discuss practical strategies for businesses to evaluate the risk levels of the SaaS applications they are currently using and much more. They delve deep into the current state of SaaS security and explore innovative approaches to make your digital workspace safer and more secure.

Whether you’re a cybersecurity professional or just interested in the field, this conversation offers a wealth of information about the increasingly important topic of SaaS security.

About our Guest

Nick Harrahill is an experienced cybersecurity and business leader. His industry experience includes leading security teams at enterprise companies such as PayPal and eBay, as well as building programs, processes, and operations at cybersecurity start-ups. Nick has managed teams focused on vulnerability management, application security, third-party risk, insider threat, incident response, privacy, and various facets of security operations.


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