The Role of OSINT in Social Engineering and How to Manage Your Human Attack Surface

Steve Bowcut’s guest for Episode S4E20 is Matt Polak. Matt is the CEO and Founder of Picnic Corporation. Picnic is a cybersecurity firm providing enterprise-wide protection from social engineering. The topic for this episode is The Role of OSINT in Social Engineering and How to Manage Your Human Attack Surface.

Matt explains the role of social engineering in today’s cyber attacks and talks about why it is so successful. Drawing on his vast experience, he shares what information hackers look for as they plan for an attack and how organizations can use OSINT to protect their people and systems.

About our Guest

Matt Polak is a subject matter expert in intelligence collection, having spent his career applying these skills to intractable growth and competitive strategy challenges for Fortune 500 customers. Matt’s extensive experience and expertise in human intelligence inspired Picnic’s creation to protect people from open-source intelligence gathering by hackers.

Be sure to listen and learn how to manage and reduce your human attack surface.

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