Zero Trust Network Access

In Episode S4E14, Steve Bowcut talks about Zero Trust Network Access with two well-informed guests. On the show are two executives from the cybersecurity firm Syxsense, Mark Reed, CTO, and Dave Taylor, CMO. 

The term Zero Trust is sometimes misapplied or misunderstood in the security industry, so our guests thoroughly describe what the term means and how they use it in their business. 

Mark and Dave explain the role of a zero trust strategy in today’s endpoint protection and what it takes to be successful at zero trust, then talk about some of the challenges organizations face when implementing a Zero Trust strategy.

Steve gets them to elaborate on how the new module recently announced by Syxsense enables endpoint compliance with Zero Trust Network Access policies. 

About Our Guests

Mark Reed is a highly energized Software Developer and the CTO of Syxsense. He began his career as a Technical Support Manager at Intel before moving into a role as a Deployment Engineer, traveling to companies all over the world to help with new software infrastructure and implementation. Eventually, he worked his way up to a leadership role and now manages a team of software engineers while helping to push forward new innovations and being involved in all aspects of product development – from backend database design, web services, user interfaces, and client/server/cloud communications. Mark loves to travel, extreme sports and fitness, and spending time with his wife and four sons. He lives in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Dave Taylor is a successful tech entrepreneur with five exits under his belt. Having started his career as a Product Manager at Intel Corporation, Dave has now run marketing as CMO at seven successive companies. He has always focused on demand generation – working closely with sales teams to hit revenue growth targets. Dave counts the recruitment and retention of amazingly high-performing marketing teams as his top skill. Born and raised in Boston, Dave has lived in the UK, South Africa, the Middle East, and all over the US, and he now resides in Utah and Montana.

Be sure to listen in to learn more about the current state of zero trust network access.

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