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Global leader unveils innovative connected single-gas detector at NSC Safety Congress & Expo San Diego, CA — September 19, 2022 — Blackline Safety Corp. (TSX: BLN), a global leader in connected safety technology, continues to trailblaze in the industrial worker safety market with the launch of a new connected wearable to transform single-gas […]

Blackline Safety Sets New Standard in Connected Worker Safety with ...

By Brendon Bartholomew, President — Vector Aerial Drones are the unblinking eye giving public safety officers the upper hand in our cities today. While shrinking budgets and reduced staffing have security teams under pressure, drones are the force multiplier that helps them maintain an advantage.  I’ve been equipping the security […]

Drones for the Future of Safety and Security

By Andras R. Szakal, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at The Open Group Since the pandemic, the global Supply Chain has been in a state of flux. Entire industries reduced in size and extreme labor shortages created a plethora of delays and disruption. Recent geopolitical events such as the […]

Actionable Supply Chain Security: Lessons from the Trenches

In Episode S4E14, Steve Bowcut talks about Zero Trust Network Access with two well-informed guests. On the show are two executives from the cybersecurity firm Syxsense, Mark Reed, CTO, and Dave Taylor, CMO.  The term Zero Trust is sometimes misapplied or misunderstood in the security industry, so our guests thoroughly […]

Zero Trust Network Access