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By Rick Bentley, CEO, Cloudastructure Want to see an industry that is a good example of where video surveillance security is headed? Look no further than the cannabis industry. Most states require cannabis businesses to record activity in every area of their enterprise with clear images showing customer and employee activity, plus cash […]

Post-Pandemic Intelligence: Why More Enterprises Are Embracing Cloud-Based Security

In Episode S3E13, our guest is Corey Nachreiner, Chief Security Officer at WatchGuard Technologies. Corey is a front-line cybersecurity expert for nearly two decades; he regularly contributes to security publications and speaks internationally at leading industry trade shows like RSA. He has written thousands of security alerts and educational articles. […]

Cybersecurity Red Flags

Enabling safe, secure, and efficient long-endurance drone operations beyond visual line of sight – in a broad spectrum of industrial and security use cases worldwide. Hamburg/ Germany, 11/14/2021. The two award-winning start-up companies HHLA Sky and Airial Robotics, both from Hamburg, Germany, announce a partnership: They are ready to integrate their outstanding technologies based on innovative […]

HHLA Sky and Airial Robotics: Two award-winning German leaders in ...