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Findings expose the true scale of API-related data breaches, top API security challenges, and the profound impact on global cybersecurity SAN FRANCISCO, CA., SEPTEMBER 11, 2023 — Traceable AI, the industry’s leading API security company, today released its comprehensive research report – the 2023 State of API Security: A Global […]

Traceable AI Releases 2023 State of API Security Report: A ...

Traceable’s API security reference architecture for Zero Trust provides organizations with the guidance they need to operationalize Zero Trust Security at the API layer SAN FRANCISCO, CA, June 5, 2023 – Traceable AI, the industry’s leading API security company, today announced the release of the industry’s first API Security Reference Architecture […]

Traceable AI Announces the First API Security Reference Architecture for ...

By Ross Moore The Importance of APIs and Securing Them From the consumer side, there’s nothing easier than opening some apps and accessing tons of information from them. On the application side, it’s a completely different view. Microservices, network connections, legal agreements, and development resources – just to name a […]

APIs and Machine Learning- What You Need to Know

Company provides required API security measures to meet 2023 cybersecurity mandates SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 10, 2023 — Traceable, the industry’s leading API security and observability company, today announced it is providing the necessary API security measures to enable FDIC-insured financial institutions to meet the latest Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) cybersecurity compliance mandates. On October 3, 2022, […]

Traceable AI Addresses Newest FFIEC Compliance Guidelines Highlighting API Security ...

SAN FRANCISCO, November 29, 2022 — Traceable, the industry’s leading API security and observability company, today announced the appointment of Dr. Jisheng Wang as Head of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and VP of Engineering.  Dr. Wang brings over 15 years of extensive experience to Traceable in developing industry-leading enterprise software and a proven track record of […]

Traceable AI Adds Dr. Jisheng Wang in Dual Leadership Role ...

By Renata Budko, Head of Product at Traceable AI With today’s enterprises, the importance of API security is growing daily due to the extreme pace of API adoption. APIs are fundamentally altering how companies operate both internally and externally. Because more devices and other systems need API-driven solutions, the number […]

Understanding Your API Vulnerabilities and How to Prevent Exploits

In Episode S3E2 we talk with Jasen Meece, CEO at Cloudentity — a cloud-based provider of dynamic fine-grained authorization and governance solutions. We dive into zero trust for open banking APIs and uncover some of the threats associated with that market. We look at a new partnership just announced between Cloudentity and […]

Zero Trust for Open Banking

Identifies all published APIs — sanctioned and shadow – and alerts the organization to risk and compliance issues. June 24, 2020 webinar. By Peter Kelley, Kelley Group Two APIs introduce security problems that make it much easier for bad actors to attack enterprises by exploiting common mistakes routinely made during […]

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