Workforce Development

CyberSN, a leading cybersecurity talent acquisition technology and services firm with a strong focus on diversity, and Lares, a global leader in security assessment, testing, and coaching, are proud to announce a new partnership providing the industry with unparalleled access to cybersecurity resources and services. Recognizing the financial and operational […]

CyberSN and Lares: Operationalizing Cybersecurity Workforce Solutions—The Right Cybersecurity Resources ...

By Joe Breaux, CTO, TRUCE Software Businesses are forever pressed with ensuring they are rigorously protecting their most important assets: Their people, their customers (or in the case of healthcare, for example, their patients), and their data. There’s a tremendous amount at stake when any of these become compromised. Even […]

Safeguarding an Organization’s Most Valuable Assets with Smarter Workforce Mobility