How to Secure Your Supply Chain and Get Visibility Into Your Software Security

Welcome to S5E7 of the Brilliance Security Magazine podcast, where we discuss the latest trends, challenges, and innovations in the cybersecurity industry. In this episode, host Steve Bowcut interviews Ben Chappell, CEO, and Roger Neal, Head of Products, at ⁠Apona Security⁠. Apona Security is a leading provider of Software Composition Analysis (SCA) technology with patented analytics. The topic of the show is “How to Secure Your Supply Chain and Get Visibility Into Your Software Security,” where Ben and Roger share their approach to software security and talk about how their platform is unique. The discussion dives into the importance of organizations prioritizing their security as a core part of their development process.

During the podcast, Ben and Roger discuss the importance of securing the software supply chain, which has become a critical component of cybersecurity in recent years. They discuss the challenges organizations face and share their approach to mitigating cyber risks. They explain how Apona Security’s platform helps organizations gain visibility into their software security by analyzing the software supply chain and identifying potential vulnerabilities. 

Ben and Roger emphasize that security should be a core part of the development process, not just an afterthought. They also highlight the importance of educating developers and engineers on secure coding practices to prevent security vulnerabilities in the software. 

Moreover, they explain how Apona Security’s patented analytics technology sets them apart from other SCA vendors, providing a comprehensive view of the software supply chain and identifying all dependencies and vulnerabilities. They also discuss the importance of continuous monitoring and assessment of the software supply chain, as new vulnerabilities are discovered and patched regularly.

About our Guests

Ben Chappell is an accomplished cybersecurity leader with a wealth of experience in the field. He currently serves as the CEO of Apona Security, where he leads a high-performing team with an OpEx business model, positioning the company as a leader in SCA (Software Composition Analysis) and SAST (Static Application Security Testing). Outside of the office, Ben is a devoted family man, husband, and father of two children. He serves as a head soccer coach in his community. With his extensive global leadership background and passion for innovation, Ben Chappell is poised to drive Apona Security to new heights in the cybersecurity industry.

Roger Neal is the Head of Products at Apona Security, a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions. Roger has a strong background in both athletics and technology, having been a Division One athlete and earning his degree in Information Systems. After graduation, he shifted his focus to cybersecurity and has since become a seasoned professional in the field. In his current role, Roger is responsible for overseeing the development and execution of Apona’s product strategy, ensuring that the company’s solutions remain at the forefront of the industry. Through his leadership and expertise, Roger has helped Apona Security continue to deliver cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions to clients worldwide.

Don’t miss this discussion that highlights the need for proactive measures to protect against potential security threats and the role of technology in helping organizations achieve this goal.

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