By Brett Beranek, Vice President & General Manager, Security & Biometrics, Nuance Communications When disruption strikes, fraudsters are incredibly fast to shift their tactics and exploit new vulnerabilities.  During the COVID-19 pandemic, for example, we clearly saw the agility and opportunism of fraudsters as they preyed on consumers’ fear and […]

How Multimodal Biometrics Help Banks and Retailers Fight Fraud During ...

By Zachary Amos, Features Editor at ReHack Cybercriminals have become more sophisticated with phishing scams over the years. These hackers do their best to impersonate department heads, government entities, recruiters from companies and more. A primary way they try to trick people is through email. Here are eight common phishing email […]

8 Common Phishing Email Subject Lines to Watch Out For

As consumers’ online shopping losses skyrocket, retail domains are dominating the scams blocked by Media Filter By Gavin Dunaway, product marketing lead, The Media Trust After searching and searching, you finally found the perfect little black dress—and crazy enough, it appeared in a display ad on one of your favorite […]

Shopping for Danger: Online Retail Scams Sizzle in Summer

By Amanda Lieu, Product Marketing Manager, SEON The internet could never be just one thing. Does it allow for previously unheard-of levels of privacy, allowing anyone from political dissidents to criminals to organize anonymously? Of course. Does it also record everything we are doing, a true panopticon that is watching […]

The reality of online fraud means balancing privacy and security