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New SecureSnippetsTM training offers customers short, story-driven micro-learning modules that are two minutes or less with a quiz COLUMBIA, Md., (Oct. 26, 2021) – Global Learning Systems (GLS) announces a new partnership with AwareGO to offer SecureSnippetsTM to customers. The SecureSnippets portfolio of over 70 security awareness topics further expands […]

Global Learning Systems Partners with AwareGO to Accelerate Security Awareness ...

Company Partners with Multiple TechProviders to secure Mobile Devices In and Around Federal Facilities Ashburn, VA and MWC Los Angeles, CA – 10/26/21 – CIS Mobile, a leading mobile security platform provider, today announced the launch of the CIS Mobile Integration Center (CMIC), a facility designed to integrate, demonstrate, test, […]

CIS Mobile Launches Mobile Integration Center in Northern Virginia Headquarters

If you’re not familiar with the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) Marketplace, it provides a searchable, sortable database of cloud service offerings (CSOs) that have achieved a FedRAMP designation. There are three designations available; FedRAMP Ready, FedRAMP In Process, and FedRAMP Authorized.  The FedRAMP Ready designation indicates a […]

Distributed and Autonomous Deception Techniques Coming to a Federal Agency ...

By Glenn Murray, CEO at Sapien Cyber Infection is spreading rapidly, and systems are failing. Identifying where the virus has started, how the virus infects others, tracking its movements, and containing the infection need to be done as quickly as possible to minimize impact. Compounding the seriousness of the situation […]

What the Pandemic Can Teach Us About Our Response to ...

Episode S3E12 features an informative conversation with Slava Bronfman, the Co-founder and CEO at Cybellum. Cybellum is a global leader providing integrated cyber solutions for leading device manufactures, including automobiles. We discuss the cybersecurity risks associated with the automotive industry and what can be done to mitigate those risks. In […]

Automotive Cybersecurity Risks

With cybercrime attacks rising steeply in recent months, revisiting and revising your company’s security strategy is essential By Tim Grieveson, CISO, AVEVA Global cyber breaches have reached record levels in recent months. As the pandemic subsides, new hybrid working models are here to stay – along with a globally widened attack […]

How to Protect Industrial Security in the Age of Hybrid ...

By Joe Breaux, CTO, TRUCE Software Businesses are forever pressed with ensuring they are rigorously protecting their most important assets: Their people, their customers (or in the case of healthcare, for example, their patients), and their data. There’s a tremendous amount at stake when any of these become compromised. Even […]

Safeguarding an Organization’s Most Valuable Assets with Smarter Workforce Mobility

A recent GroupSolver study reveals concern among digital consumers about their personal information being collected and sold, and nearly half are willing to pay platforms to keep their data private.  Rasto Ivanic, Co-founder and CEO of GroupSolver® Every day, users’ online interactions are monitored and stored by technology companies to […]

Selling Privacy Protection Could Be a Win-Win for Big Tech ...

By Julian Lovelock, Vice President, Global Business Segment Identity and Access Management Solutions, HID Global Even before the pandemic changed so much of daily life in so many ways, there was a transformation in workplaces. Physical boundaries were no longer the only perimeter defining secure workplace access. Identity became a […]

Protecting a New Perimeter