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By Emily Newton, Editor-in-Chief at Revolutionized Magazine Critical infrastructure cybersecurity is a crucial part of national security today. Sectors like energy and defense are vital to the protection and stability of the nation, but they are facing a growing number of digital threats. With rates of cyber attacks continuing to increase […]

CISA Has New Goals for Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity

By Kevin Pierce, Chief Operating Officer, VikingCloud As data breach costs hit record highs, Kevin Pierce, Chief Operating Officer of VikingCloud, a leading provider of cybersecurity and compliance solutions, explains the importance of PCI Forensic Investigator Certification, when to engage the services of a PCI Forensic Investigator, and what happens […]

The importance of PCI Forensic Investigator Certification, and what this ...

SAN FRANCISCO, November 29, 2022 — Traceable, the industry’s leading API security and observability company, today announced the appointment of Dr. Jisheng Wang as Head of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and VP of Engineering.  Dr. Wang brings over 15 years of extensive experience to Traceable in developing industry-leading enterprise software and a proven track record of […]

Traceable AI Adds Dr. Jisheng Wang in Dual Leadership Role ...

Our guest for Episode S4E19 is Dr. Carmit Yadin, the Founder & CEO at DeviceTotal—the industry’s first universal repository platform providing security data for devices enabling companies to assess current risks that deployed devices post and potential future risks arising from adding new devices to their networks. The topic for […]

How you can Identify the Security Posture of Your Devices ...

Michael Silbernagel, Senior Security Analyst at SysGen Businesses are currently dealing with an increasing rate of data within their organization, from confidential client information to internal documents that are relied upon for operation efficiency, businesses have a growing need to strengthen their cybersecurity protocols. Today, businesses face three key security […]

Enhance Your Security Measures with Social Engineering Solutions

By Devin Partida, Editor-in-Chief, Older adults are at a high risk of falling for online scams. Cybercriminals often target this demographic because they may have dementia, understand technology less or have a large retirement fund. Additionally, many seniors are looking for human connection, opening the door for scammers to engage […]

Cybercrimes Most Commonly Committed Against Seniors

By Emily Newton, Editor-in-Chief at Revolutionized Magazine Digital solutions are expanding into nearly every industry on the planet, and for good reason. The benefits it offers productivity, efficiency, and automation mean businesses have a lot to gain from its use. Manufacturing is no stranger to modern tech and connected or smart […]

Is the Manufacturing Industry Prepared to Defend Against Cyber Threats?

In Episode S4E18, Thomas Pore, the Senior Director of Product for LiveAction—a leader in network security and performance visibility—talks with Steven Bowcut about some of the benefits of AI-driven anomaly detection and predictive threat intelligence. In this podcast, you’ll learn how LiveAction’s AI-driven anomaly detection and predictive threat intelligence can […]

AI-driven Anomaly Detection and Predictive Threat Intelligence

By Sal Petriello, Director of Integrated Risk Management Strategy at NAVEX It’s no longer enough to only manage and mitigate the “human risk” of internal employee behavior as organizations increasingly share sensitive data with third-party partners that are critical to their operations and supply chains. Even with limited resources, risk […]

Properly Managing the Human Side of Information Security

By Dr. Darren Williams, CEO and Founder of BlackFog The average cost of ransomware attacks increased by 71% this year, reaching an all-time high of nearly $1 million per attack. To make matters worse, tactics like double extortion have also increased exponentially, with 80% of ransomware attacks last year involving […]

Why We Need a New Approach to Manage the Golden ...